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The Lead Agency is a results-focused B2B SEO Agency with proven results in B2B vertical markets, including technology, industrial, manufacturing, and professional services.

We devise bespoke SEO strategies that reflect the longer, more complex B2B buyer journey, using key success metrics to measure and optimise the campaign, resulting in the greatest impact on our client’s bottom line.

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Our approach

At The Lead Agency, we consider ourselves an extension of your business and work hard to become an integral part of your team. We do more than provide off-the-shelf SEO solutions. Often, we work with complex website structures that can cause technical issues for campaign implementation.

If the foundations aren’t working, we strive to fix it, pooling our resources and expertise to overcome any obstacles.

We don’t tie you down to a long-term plan for keywords that are not working. We continuously monitor and adapt your strategy to ensure we get the results you need.

We don’t choose the easy to rank keywords that will generate a boost in traffic to look good on your monthly shareholder reports. We use the right keywords that will meet your overall business objectives.

We provide monthly reviews to discuss what’s working and develop the strategy accordingly to ensure you’re not wasting any ROI.

We deliver conversions that help your marketing efforts throughout the buyer funnel from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

How we LEAD

Applying the LEAD Principle, we identify core strategies to break down your business's complicated processes so that we can develop and deploy a comprehensive marketing program. This is how we LEAD:

Learn - b2b digital marketing

We identify your ideal client, learn what makes them tick, where to find them, their business problems, and how you solve them.

engineer - b2b digital marketing

We engineer comprehensive marketing programs to uncover your audience's key insights, segments, drivers and objections.

act - b2b digital marketing

We run agile programs, measuring outcomes to quickly act and optimise for the best results.

deliver - b2b marketing

Whatever solution we implement, we deliver against your goals.

Your benefits

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Get noticed for the terms that most impact your business

B2B industries with specific business offerings characteristically have smaller keyword databases with lower-volume keywords. The Lead Agency helps clients develop a well-rounded Keyword plan incorporating broader terms to generate an increase in relevant traffic and hone in on niche, bottom-of-the-funnel conversion-focused terms.

Our proprietary, multi-step approach involves researching, evaluating and aligning keywords to the prospect’s buyer journey. We map keywords to buyer signals across the lead nurture journey, from awareness to consideration, evaluation and decision, incorporating long-tail keywords, industry terms, acronyms and trends.

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Engage prospects throughout the lead nurture journey with compelling, complex content

As prospects move down the conversion funnel, their search behaviour changes. We ensure your website is SEO-optimised for each stage of buyer readiness so that you can attract visitors from the top of the funnel through to the bottom. We devise content to match their stage of buyer readiness, ensuring they do not bounce to a competitor before reaching the next stage. By adopting a full-funnel enterprise SEO strategy, your business will attract and retain potential customers at every step, filling your sales pipeline and ultimately increasing your marketing ROI.

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Generate quality conversion results to fill your sales pipeline

While most SEO agencies promise increased website traffic, our SEO strategies go one step further. We create more opportunities for your sales team through our tailored SEO tactics that are devised not only to improve your rankings but also to generate more conversions. Our B2B SEO team focuses on delivering measurable business outcomes. We boost conversion rates through our data-driven conversion-rate optimisation strategy, which we have built through years of experience. We understand that a B2B buyer is unlikely to convert into a customer the first time they visit your website, so we devise a range of conversion actions for each stage of the buyer journey.

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Outrank your competitors with complex backlink strategies

In the B2B sector, our clients often compete with bigger businesses with significant marketing spend. We achieve results for our clients in a more cost-effective manner through our complex B2B SEO backlinking strategies that improve SERP rankings, build authority and credibility and generate more qualified website traffic.

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Multi-touch omnichannel SEO strategies

Today’s B2B buyers use ten or more channels to engage with sellers. We enhance our SEO efforts by incorporating a range of other online and offline channels. We ensure key messages and visuals are incorporated across all touchpoints to tell the brand story and nurture the prospect through to conversion. By taking a holistic approach to the customer experience and engaging customers through authentic interactions across several channels, we help our clients build trust with their prospects and effectively move them through the stages of the buyer journey.

Case Study

B2B search engine optimisation

Achieving 400% growth in leads through tailored B2B-specific SEO approach and keyword strategies.

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What makes The Lead Agency different

B2B SEO frequently asked questions

Search engine optimisation is, quite simply, the continuous practice of improving organic rankings on search engines to increase the quantity and quality of visitors (and, more importantly, leads) to your website.

With a market share of 94.79% in Australia, it is easy to understand why SEO agencies refer mostly to Google Rankings when it comes to SEO (comparatively, Bing currently has a 4% market share).

According to research data, over 71% of B2B customers will click organic search results, with an overwhelming 80% of customers not clicking beyond the first page.

B2B customers are also 57% along their purchase decision before they perform an action on your site.

Further research by Hubspot also found that the results from SEO leads dominate outbound leads (such as Adwords), with the former having an impressive 14.6% close rate compared to 1.7% for the latter.

Apart from dominating the digital consumer attention graph, organic results provide free and unlimited traffic 24/7 all year round. Hence, the potential long-term ROI on an SEO campaign can be astronomical compared to most other forms of B2B lead generation.

Local SEO is a powerful way to tap into customers looking for your product or service within your vicinity.

It has grown significantly over the last five years, parallel to the rise of smartphone usage, better Internet connectivity and cheaper data plans. Although it shares similarities with organic SEO, it’s ultimately very different. Local SEO is focused on providing results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current geographic location.

Brightlocal survey carried out in 2016 found that 50% of mobile-based local searches resulted in a store visit or action, such as an enquiry, within 24 hours.

In fact, more than 60% of searchers prefer dealing with local businesses and use this information in decision-making. Interestingly, an overwhelming 84% of searchers also reportedly trust online reviews from sites such as Google+, Yelp, Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor just as much as personal recommendations (or word of mouth).

Unlike Google Adwords, however, Local SEO shares characteristics similar to organic or SEO results in that they are completely free, always visible and provide unlimited and good quality visitors to your site.

Local search results, in fact, rank below the top 3 paid results and above organic search results within the locality of the searcher.

By appearing in this prominent position, you are effectively getting free, high-quality inbound leads from ready-to-purchase customers.

The Lead Agency is a ‘White Hat’ SEO Agency. White hat SEO refers to optimisation based on acceptable Google Webmaster Guidelines. While Google is reportedly updating its algorithm, the intent remains true to its origin—to deliver accurate information as quickly as possible.

Much like a DC comic, its antithesis or Black Hat SEO, refers to aggressive SEO practices intended to trick search engines to boost rankings.

Practices included keyword stuffing, bulk-buying backlinks, spamming blog posts, and cloaking and doorway pages from a network of non-related sites.

Since the Penguin Update rolled out in mid-2016, a large number of Australian websites practising (either intentionally or unintentionally) Black Hat SEO suffered dramatic organic ranking and traffic losses, with some incurring every digital marketer’s nightmare – Manual Google Penalty. Some well-known brands that have suffered this wrath include BBC, JCPenney, BMW and even the Washington Post.

As Australia’s leading B2B Marketing specialists, safeguarding our clients’ brands (and online assets) is as important as helping them dominate organic search results.

We invest heavily in SEO research to ensure we’re 100% compliant with White Hat SEO practices.

These include the creation and distribution of engaging and high-quality content, manually acquired high-quality backlinks, mobile optimisation, optimised site architecture and user experience, to name a few.

Furthermore, we specialise in B2B marketing and ensure our SEO methods are of value to B2B companies. We fully understand the main distinctions between B2B and B2C marketing and implement these into each campaign we run.

  • B2B buying involves multiple decision-makers, whereas B2C companies typically have only one
  • B2B products and services are generally much more expensive than B2C goods
  • B2B sales have longer buying cycles

For all of these reasons, B2B purchases are more research-driven and can be more competitive than B2C purchases. Using B2C methods to compete with B2B companies will not be as effective. That’s why you need an agency that specialises in B2B SEO.

Today’s business owners understand the importance of achieving visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) and often allocate substantial portions of their marketing budget to accomplish this. However, simply having a presence will not generate results. Instead, it is important to ensure that your website ranks for relevant keywords that enhance brand awareness and drive leads and conversions. Put simply, your SEO strategy should deliver tangible outcomes.

This can be done by considering user intent. This means ensuring that the keywords we target align with the needs of our target audience at various stages of their buyer journey. All content should revolve around addressing that intent. There are four types of keyword intent that your SEO strategy can incorporate:

  1. Commercial “high intent” Intent: This signifies a strong intention from the searcher to take action. Key phrases containing terms like “Buy,” “Join,” and “Subscribe” fall into this category.
  2. Informative Intent: These terms are used when searchers seek more information about a product or service. While direct selling may not be possible with this segment, it is ideal for generating leads through “gated” content. Keywords such as “How to,” “Why,” and “Compare” fall into this category.
  3. Transactional Intent: Transactional intent lies between commercial and informational intent. These queries can represent both the intention to purchase and the desire to learn more about a concept. For example, keywords like “Reviews,” “Vs,” and “Top 10” fall into this category.
  4. Navigational Intent: This refers to keywords that include brand names, indicating that the searcher knows precisely what they are looking for and seeks to navigate directly to the relevant page.

To achieve success with SEO, it is essential to understand the intent behind the keywords your target audience uses. You can then structure your content in a way that provides answers to their questions.

Backlinks have a significant impact on B2B SEO. They improve the credibility and trustworthiness of a website, leading to higher search engine rankings and visibility. Backlinks also drive referral traffic, increase brand exposure, and provide opportunities for partnerships and collaborations.

It is important to evaluate the backlink profile of your site, paying attention to the quality of backlinks as well as the quantity. Having more backlinks doesn’t always mean higher rankings; quality is more important. Search engines are getting better at identifying black-hat SEO strategies, and having numerous low-quality backlinks can negatively impact your site.

Google Search Console and other tools can be used to see the backlinks that are pointing to your site. If you have a significant number of links from low-quality sites, it may be necessary to start the process of disavowing these links.

If your site isn’t ranking for Local SEO results, you’re effectively missing out on high-quality inbound traffic and leads.

Get in touch with the Lead Agency today and learn how we can help your business get found by local customers.

  • Ensure your Google My BusinessProfile is optimised and linked to your site. The NAP on your profile must match your website. Add geo-tagged images of your business premises, staff and products, opening hours and links to your other Google profiles (such as Google Plus and YouTube).
  • Ensure you have a dedicated Contact page on your website that contains your correct business name, street address (as opposed to PO Box), and phone number (or NAP).
  • When targeting your ads for local consumers, be sure to target your ads by location and use location extensions. Adwords also enhances your visibility by linking your Display Ad to include location site extensions (addresses and phone numbers).
  • Have a happy customer? Ask for reviews actively and respond to negative reviews as quickly as possible to resolve them.
  • When targeting your ads for local consumers, be sure to target your ads by location and use location extensions. Google Ads also enhances your visibility by linking your Display Ad to include location site extensions (addresses and phone number).

We conduct extensive research to ensure your site is fully optimised, getting your SEO content noticed and driving traffic to your website.

We understand the importance of selecting the right keywords to help your website stand out in online searches related to your products or services. Our strategy focuses on targeting keywords for long-term success while also taking advantage of readily available opportunities. To identify the most effective keywords, we use various industry-standard tools and align our results with direct input from our clients. We then incorporate these keywords into your content and optimise your website to ensure it appears in the search results for these key terms.

The number of keywords we implement will depend on your budget and goals, which we discuss with our clients to determine their focus. We aim to gather a range of profitable and relevant keywords that will boost your overall website performance and drive conversions.

The cost of B2B SEO services varies based on a range of factors, such as the specific keywords and phrases you wish to target, your industry, your website’s history, and the complexity of the SEO tasks involved. Our SEO strategies and campaigns are tailored to suit the requirements of the businesses that we work with. As such, in order to provide you with an accurate cost estimate, we need to understand your goals and objectives more comprehensively.

On-page schema markup plays a crucial role in helping search engines comprehend the information on web pages, resulting in more enriched search results. Additionally, it has the potential to significantly increase click-through rates (CTR).

By utilising structured data, Google’s bots can grasp the meaning and purpose of each webpage. According to Google, “Structured data is a standardised format for providing information about a page and categorising its content.” For instance, a recipe page should include details such as ingredients, cooking time, temperature, and calories.

Major search engines support various options for structured data markup, including:

  • Book, Movie, Music Recording
  • Recipe
  • Event
  • Health and Medical
  • Organisation
  • Person
  • Place, Local Business, Restaurant
  • Product, Offer, Aggregate Offer
  • Review
  • Action