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Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) delivers marketing-leading, innovative, low-burden ISO compliance solutions tailored to businesses across various industries. Their client-centric approach and commitment to excellence have made them a trusted partner for companies seeking streamlined and effective compliance management solutions. 

For years, ICS has leveraged digital marketing to grow their business. They saw some success with other agencies but increasingly felt their lead quality was slipping, becoming less business-focused and irrelevant.

They were looking for an agency that understood the B2B landscape and specifically designed digital marketing solutions for their unique segment.

For this, they called The Lead Agency. 


increase in
relevant organic traffic


decrease in
poor-quality leads


increase in
organic conversions

Addressing lead quality decline

Despite their disappointment with the previous SEO results, ICS understood the power of this channel as a mighty lead-generating tool. Our job was to review their SEO from a B2B perspective and devise a path forward that was tailored to their industry and the behaviours of their buyers. 

This path involved: 

  • Keyword Strategy: Based on competitor Google AdWords, we identified 75 keywords that we thought would have a high level of purchasing intent. With their input, we narrowed this down to 20-30 keywords to work on.
  • SEO Program: The first step was to set up analytics to ensure we measured goals and intentions, not just traffic. The second was to make content changes and add new content to their site based on the keywords we identified. The site health was quite good—which is to be expected from having an SEO agency looking after it for 12 months prior—but there were other things we could do as part of this. We also checked the backlinks and found there were still some old black-hat links and legacy site structure issues. 
  • AdWords Program (three months only): We set up campaigns for 10-15 of the approved keywords and other long-tail keywords to quickly test what keywords had the best prospects for our SEO strategy.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): We tested a few different lead and landing page funnels for better-quality conversions. This included testing their Zoho integration and setting up some qualification questions or flows to reduce the number of irrelevant enquiries.

Optimising SEO for B2B success

Following our path above, we took a systematic approach to execution, pursuing the following key activities:

  1. Keyword research and determining which keywords to track/focus on
  2. Looking at what they’re currently doing on the website/for SEO and identifying opportunities for improvement
  3. Completing a site audit to resolve any website issues that could be hindering SEO (done monthly)
  4. Optimising on-page content, website structure, menus, meta descriptions, title tags, internal linking, etc.
  5. Consistently/regularly writing and posting SEO-optimised blogs that target our focus keywords
  6. Backlinking strategy
  7. Troubleshooting website issues and other things that could impact user experience
  8. Monthly reporting to track progress and review strategy effectiveness.

Based on our findings at each step, we continually optimised their site, designed new content strategies, and sought out all possible areas for improvement. 

Transformative B2B SEO performance

Through their previous agency, ICS already had strong SEO practices in place. They just weren’t designed for B2B. We knew that a tailored, B2B-buyer journey-centric SEO strategy would see a lift in results, but we had expectations that these results would likely be incremental. 

Leads (mostly from organic search)

Before engaging us, ICS was getting around 25 leads per month, but 50% were not relevant. As we anticipated, the number of leads per month steadily increased during the time we worked together. 

To date, The Lead Agency has helped ICS grow leads by 417% and reduce the irrelevant leads to less than 10%. With these results, ICS shifted the exclusive focus of its marketing strategy to SEO.

Organic website visitors

When taking on ICS, their per month organic website traffic was at the industry benchmark. In just two years, we have catapulted that to consistently getting over 207% more organic website visitors each month.

Secure better B2B SEO outcomes

As a B2B digital marketing specialist, we understand the nuances of B2B buyer behaviours and have more than 20 years of experience crafting bespoke SEO plans across a range of sectors. While B2B is its own specialism, there is no one-size-fits-all for every industry in this category. B2B solutions, in every business, have to be unique. 

The Lead Agency has the know-how to expertly approach any B2B industry and deliver concrete, notable outcomes that turn your digital marketing into a lead-generating machine. 

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