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Why Your B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working

Social media is becoming increasingly prominent in B2B marketing, with a growing number of individuals recognising the immense value it can offer their business.

With this in mind, if you’ve integrated social media into your company’s B2B digital marketing strategy, you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, 83% of B2B marketers have now established a presence on social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

With such a large number of B2B marketers looking to make an impact on social media, it’s not hard to see why so many also find it difficult to grow their company’s page and audience. Social media can, in many industries, be incredibly competitive. If you’re going to reach your full potential, you need a strong, realistic and well-thought-out B2B social media strategy.

But what if you’ve already developed a strategy, started implementing it and, for some reason, it isn’t working how you’d imagined?

Getting Your B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy ‘Right’

If your B2B social media marketing campaign isn’t getting momentum, it’s time to reign in on where exactly you’re missing the mark. Even if your existing campaign is performing relatively well, it could almost always be better.

Social media isn’t a ‘set and forget’ approach to B2B marketing. If you aren’t putting continued effort into growing your social channels and connecting with users, you’ll likely struggle to see the results you’re after.

The key – don’t get too comfortable.

Keep investigating new opportunities and fine-tuning your B2B business’ social media strategy and, in time, your goals will be well within your reach.

The first step in this process, of course, is pinpointing any downfalls in your current approach and, respectively, addressing them by actioning improvements as required.

Common Mistakes Made in B2B Social Media Marketing

If you’re ready to start refining your B2B business’ social media strategy, addressing the following common mistakes is a great place to start.

Lack of a Clear Strategy

While 80% of B2B marketers have a specific social media strategy, just 32% have it documented.

Whether you haven’t created a B2B social media strategy, it hasn’t been documented, or it simply isn’t clear – there’s no better time to change that than now.

While this may seem pretty self-explanatory, many organisations fall into the trap of jumping headfirst into posting on social media without actually establishing direction beforehand. This can, consequently, result in their content lacking a clear purpose, sending inconsistent messages and becoming repetitive – all of which isn’t ideal when it comes to engaging and retaining the attention of users.

Luckily, there are numerous ways you can prepare your B2B business for success on social media platforms. At the core of this, you’ll need a comprehensive strategy guiding your efforts.

When developing a B2B social media strategy, you’ll likely benefit from:

  • Conducting research and collating insights regarding what your audience is actually interested in;
  • Deciding on and specifying the types of content you intend to post;
  • Determining a budget for a specified timeframe;
  • Setting realistic, time-specific goals;
  • Creating a clear plan of action.

By recording all of this information, you can ensure that all of those involved are on the same page, while also improving consistency between social and alternative channels your B2B business is using.

Low-Quality Content

If you’re using social media, regardless of the platform – what kind of content do you gravitate towards and, more importantly, what do you avoid? Chances are you don’t spend time seeking out and interacting with content that offers you no real value.

If social content doesn’t serve a convincing purpose, whether that’s entertaining, informing or the like, it’s unlikely you’ll make the conscious decision to invest more time in consuming it. This is, of course, something that’s great to keep in mind when you’re creating and sharing your own content on your B2B company’s social media.

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, understanding your customers and their distinct preferences is crucial. However, once you’ve done the groundwork and, because of this, understand the different types of content that will likely perform well, it doesn’t stop there. Your execution of marketing ideas is just as important as even if you’ve got brilliant ideas in the works, they can still fail to land when implemented poorly.

Engaging content is dynamic – don’t underestimate the importance of variety.

You want to stand out (in a good way), which can be hard in a flooded market of B2B businesses, all of which are competing for the attention of their target audience. Your B2B social media content is pivotal in setting your company apart from the rest and, ultimately, gives users a reason to maintain interest in your page.

Build Your Winning B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

For more information on B2B social media marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. With extensive experience in the field, our B2B marketing consultants know what it takes to drive brilliant results on social platforms.

Ready to start planning for future success? Speak with an expert from the Lead Agency today and tackle your B2B marketing goals head-on.

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