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When Advertising Works

One of my favourite ever advertisements from an unlikely source: Victorian Worksafe.

Why do I like it?

It’s never going to win awards for it’s soundtrack or cinematography, but I think the intention of the message is spot on. The TAC have been using different forms of shock-tactics to get their message across with gruesome narratives and images for years. They seemed to have become the benchmark for government agencies — how else can you get through to people?

But with this offering Victorian Worksafe have looked at their message from a different angle. Considering that most people tend to feel themselves as invincible (Smoking kills? Speeding kills? Drugs kill? Who cares?), this advert focuses on a strong emotional bond to try and change your behaviour: the effect you have on the people you love if you get badly injured at work.

Perhaps I’m more focused on the affect I have on my family now that I have a dependent, but for me, this advert is as compelling to me as any terrible injury image could be, perhaps more so. And that’s why I’m more likely to modify my behaviour. I still think I’m invincible, but I’d do anything for my family…

Andrew Silcox

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