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In recent times, life as we know it has changed dramatically and, to the disdain of many Australians, COVID-19 restrictions may not be eased for more than six months.

As the environment within which we live and work evolves and adapts, your B2B marketing strategy needs to develop as well. These are incredibly volatile times and, unsurprisingly, an outdated approach to B2B marketing isn’t going to help you achieve your organisation’s goals.

If you’re yet to establish your business’ presence online, the events unfolding across the world at the moment should be as good of a reason as any to take the plunge. With physical interactions being considerably limited, people are turning to digital, for both their personal and professional needs.

Given the current business climate, a strong B2B digital marketing strategy has arguably become more important than ever before. In the weeks and months to come, if you fail to embrace digital, you’ll likely miss out on business opportunities that are all the more valuable in these trying times.

Digital capabilities have transformed the way we conduct business and, in many ways, have given B2B organisations the means to streamline and enhance the customer experience. By building a strong B2B digital strategy, your business can create an exceptional online experience for users and, consequently, attract, engage and retain more quality leads well into the future.

So, how can you B2B business enhance your customer’s online experience and start reaping the benefits?

Get Active on Social Media

If your B2B company relies heavily on customer interaction that, in the past, would’ve been done face-to-face, this obviously isn’t going to be particularly practical in the existing business environment.

If you’re looking to maintain relevance and functionality in the current market, opening new online channels, for instance, on social media, can be an effective way to do just that. Platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, give your B2B company the means to communicate with and, respectively, connect with, your audience.

In a time when it’s easy to feel disconnected and when even a simple handshake has become a thing of the past, creating personal, meaningful customer experiences is all the more important.

Whether you’re regularly posting relevant content and updates, running social media campaigns, using these channels to directly reach your target audience, or a mixture of the three, social media can be a brilliant way to foster and nurture customer relationships.

Optimise Your Website

With many individuals now working online, it’s a great time to build an informative, easy-to-navigate and fully functional B2B website or, alternatively, update your existing one.

“B2B vendor websites are the storefront for the organisation in today’s digital age. According to Demand Gen Report’s annual B2B Buyers Survey, 97% of senior-level B2B executives say it’s important for vendor websites to have easily-accessible content that speaks directly to their company.” – Ryan Young

Ensuring that your B2B website’s content is of high quality and; thus, that it offers notable value to users, is crucial. The content you’re putting out is a direct reflection on your brand and, beyond this, it gives your B2B business the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Typically, customers will spend less than 15 seconds on a website before deciding whether to look elsewhere. What does this mean for your B2B business? If you don’t effectively capture the attention of prospects in just a fraction of time, you’ll likely struggle to drive leads from your website.

Thus, even if you’ve got brilliant content, it’s just as important to create an impactful, memorable and aesthetically pleasing digital domain that supports and reinforces your B2B business’ branding. This will not only help spark initial interest from potential clients but also keep them engaged, all the while creating an enjoyable, value-driven customer experience online.

Leverage Data to Create Targeted Customer Experiences

By collecting, analysing and applying insights from data relating to your ideal consumer, your B2B business can create highly targeted online marketing efforts. This can, of course, then translate into more personalised customer experiences, all of which are tailored to the unique needs, priorities and preferences of your audience.

“Only 15% of B2B companies feel they have a complete view of their customers” – McKinsey & Company

Beyond this, advanced analytics can guide and support continual improvement, assisting your B2B organisation in identifying and resolving any existing downfalls. In an ever-changing market, this is of particular importance. To achieve exceptional outcomes well into the future, your B2B business needs to be proactively and consistently implementing data-driven solutions that meet and, ideally, exceed your audience’s expectations.

Your B2B business’ goals and where exactly you’ve built, or intend to build, a presence online will impact the types of analytical software that are of value to you. If you’re interested in seeing how people are navigating your website, you may benefit from using Mouseflow. For more, in-depth insights for optimising your website, it could also be worth looking into SEMrush.

By strategically constructing B2B online experiences that are backed by reliable data, your organisation can boost customer satisfaction and facilitate positive interactions with your brand.

Enhance Your Customer’s Online Experience Today

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From all of the team at the Lead Agency, we hope you stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

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