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The Importance of Video Marketing in B2B

Video Marketing

While consumer brands have long understood the importance of using video content as a marketing tool, B2B companies are only just starting to take notice of the powerful platform.

B2B brands have been slow to adopt video marketing citing budget, resources, and the ability to produce quality content as the main obstacles to adoption [Demand Metric, 2015]. However dedicating a bit of time and effort to the channel is almost guaranteed to pay off, as the same study revealed 82% of B2B marketers to be experiencing success with video marketing.

Video has huge entertainment value, which makes it ideal for boosting brand awareness, increasing lead generation and improving conversion rates. Video content is also a huge asset to several B2B marketing channels.

Video And Content Marketing

Video is the future of content marketing, if not the present.   As today’s consumers are continuously bombarded with information from brands, it is becoming more and more necessary for B2B businesses to offer content that is visual, engaging and easy to digest. Video is the ideal platform for this.

According to a recent whitepaper by global IT company Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017. The medium is quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. B2B marketers who don’t take notice and incorporate video as part of their content marketing strategy are likely to be left behind.

Video Marketing And Social Media

By combining the visual medium of video with the reach of social media, B2B marketers have the ability to showcase their products and services in lifelike detail.

While many B2B marketers previously considered social media to be more suited to consumer brands, they are now realising that their B2B customers are active on social media both in a professional and personal context.  These social media platforms are ideal for reaching the business’ target audience through demographic-based targeting, as well as interacting more intimately with customers by encouraging them to post video testimonials on social sharing sites.

B2B marketers are only scraping the surface of video marketing on social media, but used together, these mediums are powerful enough to generate significant results and revolutionise the B2B marketing landscape.

Video Marketing And SEO

Video marketing has been used as an SEO tool since 2007, when Google introduced “Universal Search.” Today it is more important than ever, particularly with Google’s most recent update which champions “quality content” over keyword optimisation. Simply put, Google now cares less about whether you’ve optimised each individual page on your site to a particular keyword and more about whether your page content answers the question presented by the searcher. As a result, videos offering useful content that answers queries is perfect for B2B SEO.

The right, well thought out video content will not only improve search engine ranking but it will also encourages higher CTR, lower bounce rates and quality backlinks.


You no longer need to be a technical whizz or have a huge budget to blow to create a good piece of video content. Production costs have fallen in recent years and apps such as Twitter’s Vine, have increased the opportunity for smaller B2B businesses to try their hand at video marketing. If you are looking for a better ROI on your video marketing efforts, its important consider who you are trying to reach and the message you want to communicate. By creating a thought out video marketing plan, you can ensure the videos you produce are relevant in driving action from your target audience.

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