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In recent times, the enduring need for socially conscious B2B marketing has become all the more pertinent.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has spread across the world, devastating countries and drastically changing our personal and professional lives in just a few months.

It’s easy for businesses to get swept up in the wave, frantically changing their B2B marketing strategy to more accurately accommodate the existing climate. However, while updating your current approach is important, it’s just as important to ensure your new marketing efforts are well-thought-out and, thus, socially conscious.

If you’re viewing the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to push sales and take advantage of vulnerable Australian businesses, customers will see right through you. Now’s the time to be asking how you can help – not how you can profit.

In the long-term, socially conscious efforts are going to show consumers that your company isn’t out-of-touch and that you genuinely care about them – rather than just seeing them as another dollar sign. This will, ultimately, help you achieve far more maintainable results, which are built on well-received, powerful B2B marketing campaigns and memorable initiatives.

Why is Social Consciousness Important in B2B Marketing?

Your business’ response to issues across Australia and beyond tells consumers a lot about your ethics and, of course, what matters to you the most. Are you aiming to push sales or, instead, working to build genuine connections with your audience?

If your B2B organisation is perceived to only care about financial gain, your marketing campaigns will likely struggle to resonate with individuals. This can, often, translate quite negatively across your B2B marketing collateral, making your efforts appear insensitive and detached.

But socially conscious marketing goes far beyond helping your B2B business avoid backlash.

“55% of customers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies” – The Mezzanine Group

When companies effectively convey their sincere desire to contribute positively to the community or, at the very least, share B2B marketing campaigns that are thoughtful and socially aware, this can be incredibly beneficial for them. Such action can assist B2B businesses in building a strong, positive reputation in the market, while also helping them establish meaningful relationships with their audience.

While the importance of social consciousness has been long embraced in B2C companies, it’s only just started gaining traction among B2B organisations. At the end of the day, B2B buyers are consumers as well and, even though their purchasing intent is framed differently, it’s unlikely that their organisation will be looking to associate with businesses that hold values they don’t support.

The Changing Face of Social Consciousness

Businesses have long focused on reducing their environmental impact, while many also take measures to ensure every stage of their supply chain operates in a socially responsible manner. This is done, for instance, by conducting audits and the like to determine whether certain safety precautions are being enforced across all operations.

As new issues continue to emerge, adjusting your B2B marketing strategy to ensure it accurately represents your company’s key values is vital. However, it’s important to do so in a manageable, realistic way, to make sure that your existing socially conscious efforts don’t suffer.

Creating Socially Conscious B2B Marketing Campaigns

How closely do your current B2B marketing campaigns and collateral align with your organisation’s core values?

Investing the necessary time in determining just that is crucial in establishing not only where you’re at, but also where you want to be. This will, ultimately, assist you in building a strong shared culture that encompasses your company’s values and instils clear direction organisation-wide.

While it may be tempting to jump straight into a new B2B marketing campaign or the like, groundwork, such as that mentioned above, is truly invaluable in creating highly targeted, cohesive marketing campaigns. Consistency is key and, if you want to make a real impact, it’s absolutely essential. Mixed messages will confuse and, in some cases, contradict, which hinders the overall effectiveness of your B2B marketing efforts.

By making social consciousness a real priority, you can implement campaigns that work to support each other and, consequently, successfully get a strong, clear and meaningful message across.

If you’re interested in building a powerful B2B marketing strategy that’s socially conscious and effective, get in touch with our team. We have experience working with businesses across a range of diverse industries – find out how we can help you today.

From all of the team at the Lead Agency, we hope you stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

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