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The B2B Marketing Lead Generation Cheat Sheet

b2b marketing

If you sell products or services to other businesses, you know how difficult B2B marketing can be.

There are far fewer businesses that may purchase from you than consumers so your potential leads are already few and far between, and getting those leads in the first place can be struggle. However, those leads are a vital part of your overall marketing campaign. After all, if you don’t have marketing leads, your campaigns will probably fall flat as they won’t be targeting or reaching anyone in particular.

As difficult as it may be to generate leads for your B2B marketing, it can be done with the right plans in place and the right resources. Consider a few simple tips on how to do this with this handy cheat sheet that can be used by any business no matter the product or service.

Optimise your B2B marketing to emphasise customer pain and product value.

Many businesses know to optimise their website for search engine rankings so they get visitors to their page, but what happens to those visitors once they arrive?

If your website is generic and dull and doesn’t emphasise how your product or service can solve problems for a customer, you’ve failed to generate leads. Be sure your website is optimised to emphasise customer pain, meaning problems they will likely face or reasons they need your product or service. Then emphasise your product value, or how your product will solve their problems. This can be done for any and every product, even something as simple as office supplies:

“Hate running out of printer ink right when the boss is standing over you, waiting for that big report? Never let that happen again with our genuine Canon cartridges, now on sale…”

A problem has been noted and a product value emphasised, which in turn creates marketing leads for your business.

Use multiple calls to action

One of the best ways to generate leads is to use multiple calls to action for your potential customers and clients.

This means giving them the chance to sign up for email alerts, download special reports, get quotes, subscribe to newsletters, contact you with questions, and so on. If you only provide your potential leads with one avenue of contact or action and this isn’t something that appeals to them, you’ve lost that lead.

By giving them a wide number of choices you cast a wider net for leads and will be more successful.

Engage your leads at various points of the decision making process

An advertisement may catch the attention of potential leads. An answer sheet of information may give them more to think about. A special sale may compel them to purchase. A thank-you email may cause them to bookmark your website and come back when they’re ready to purchase again.

You don’t want to assume that marketing leads are found only at their first stage of buying; if you do, then you’re missing another opportunity to build those leads. Keep working at creating leads at various points of the decision making process and you may see your lead list expand every single day!


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