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The 3 most important benefits of email marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is incredibly popular: almost 190 billion emails are sent each day, but its importance is often overlooked. It is an affordable marketing tool and email marketing’s ability to be targeted to your audiences makes it an effective tool for business marketing and B2B lead generation.

One of the key reasons email is not considered in business marketing strategy more is that being easy to implement does not mean it is simple.

At The Lead Agency, we believe that any business marketing strategy has to include B2B email marketing. There are many benefits to using email marketing, these 3 are the most important to consider.

1. Low Cost = great email marketing ROI

The most obvious benefit of email marketing is its low cost in comparison to other marketing channels. There is no cost for printing or postage. You don’t pay costs to present your message on billboard, magazine or television channel. In fact, the only cost should be investing in specialist software to automate, track and evaluate your emails. Depending on the system or supplier, you may end up paying a few cents per email, but the benefits of a professionally designed and delivered email campaign that can report on delivery, clicks and actions is essential.

That low cost, coupled with the effectiveness of the medium means that email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% according to research by the Direct Marketing Association in the USA. While not all your campaigns will achieve that level ROI your campaigns should still mean a better return than the other activities you spend time and effort on.

2. Personalisation = Relevance = better email marketing ROI

Email allows you to personalise, and target every person on your database. By segmenting your database, it is simple to send specific messages to groups within your database to improve your results. It’s easy to send highly relevant information to ensure that you’re communicating what your reader wants. The more relevant the communication, the more likely your audience is to read it and act.

Why is relevance important?

Forrester Research has found that irrelevant emails are the number one reason people choose to unsubscribe from email marketing mailing. If you fail to engage your subscribers, you cannot expect them to read your emails, let alone respond to them. Relevant content helps you communicate more effectively:

  • Focus on solving the specific problems of your subscribers: what matters to them is more likely to be read and understood.
  • Keep things simple and clear. You can focus on the specific messages that are important to your target audience
  • Personalise your email messages based on what you know about the subscribers on your list.
  • Customise your subject lines. The subject line is the single most important part of any email. If it’s not engaging, it’s less likely to be opened, read and acted upon. Make your subject lines intriguing, compelling and above all, relevant.

Making your marketing messages relevant to your subscriber base can improve response rates, boost sales and keep your subscribers coming back for more.

3. Measurable = effective marketing campaigns

Unlike any other marketing activities, email is the most easily measured and analysed. While analytics software has made websites and other B2B digital marketing activities easier to measure, they cannot be measured and analysed to the same degree as email marketing. From testing different messages, subject-lines, call-to-actions and delivery times, email marketing give you an array of useful analytics to optimise and improve your marketing.

But what makes B2B email marketing even more useful is that the analytics you use can help make informed decisions for other marketing strategies and activities. You can test subject lines for emails that can be used to determine website keywords. Not only that, you can test open rates, clicks and even conversion rates based on the email channel. The real beauty of email marketing is that your insights can be tested and analysed quickly to be implemented across your marketing activities.

Email marketing is often considered an afterthought, probably because it’s low-cost and considered low-involvement, but when implemented effectively, it can transform the ROI of your overall marketing campaigns.


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