When a customer makes a purchase, signs up for an email newsletter, sends in some correspondence to your company, or otherwise initiates contact in any way, do you send them a follow-up thank-you email? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most important B2B marketing strategies available to you!

Consider some advantages of the thank-you email and why this correspondence is so important when it comes to your marketing strategy. This simple step can make or break your marketing, and is often an untapped potential when it comes to creating repeat business and building long-term customer relationships.


1. Thank-you emails are cheap and target your customer directly.

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Any marketing campaign can cost a company thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there are very few campaigns that actually guarantee reaching potential customers despite the money spent. With thank-you emails, you spend only the money needed to maintain your email list and generator, and you know each message will be sent directly to your customer or client. There is no guessing if a customer got the message with an email the way you need to guess if they saw a billboard, or read a postcard you sent in the mail. Learn about B2B email marketing.

2. Thank-you emails put your B2B marketing in a good light.

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If your only correspondence with a customer is when you’re begging for a sale, you don’t look very good to that customer. However, if you remember common courtesy and send an email to your customers thanking them for their business or correspondence or anything else, your entire company is now in a good light with them. This in turn makes them think more positively of you and may impel them to show you loyalty.

3. Thank-you emails keep your name in front of customers.

After you close a sale it’s easy to lose your customer to a competitor who may be working harder than you to win their business. Many businesses assume that once a customer buys from them, they’ll always buy from them but this just isn’t the case; a thank-you email ensures that your customer is aware of your company, your products, and your business. This is a vital part of marketing as your competitors are always working hard to get their name in front of your customers as well.

4. Cross-selling is often needed after a sale.

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Cross-selling refers to selling another item with a first item, or along with that first time. For example, if your customers buy printer cartridges from you, selling them copy paper along with it is cross-selling. This can be done even after a sale, and as part of your thank-you email. Tailor the message according to what was purchased and offer a special discount or alert your customers to sales or products they may now need to complement your purchase.

All of these are reasons why your thank-you emails are a vital part of your B2B marketing strategy and should be used consistently no matter the purchase or reason for customer contact.

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