We are living in the age of digital marketing and the increasing desire for consumers to digest information visually is changing the face of communication. Video marketing is becoming an increasingly vital aspect of marketing strategies for B2B organisations around the world, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has left marketers with no choice but to turn to digital initiatives.

B2B Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium – Hubspot

Beyond the pandemic, however, social channel reporting and algorithms are telling us that consumers love video. Unsurprisingly, most organisations are utilising video content already.  In 2019, video was the #1 form of media used in content strategies, overtaking blogs and infographics and it is not slowing down. By 2022, Mezzanine Growth predicts that 80% of internet traffic will be streaming video content. While these figures represent B2C industries, history has shown that B2B markets are never far behind. The number of people beginning to consume more video content does not appear to be slowing down, indicating that if your B2B company is not already engaging in video marketing, now is the time to start. So, how can incorporating video content into your overall marketing strategy benefit your business?

1. Educate customers and prospects in your own words

Video content gives your organisation the opportunity to educate clients on your services and expertise, highlight your value proposition and key skills, and build relationships with customers and prospects – in your words, so you can control the narrative. A recent Hubspot report revealed that 92% of B2B companies are already leveraging video, in some form, in their marketing campaigns, and 88% of them reported positive ROI results. These results are not surprising, if you consider that 75% of executives watch work related videos at least once a week.

2. Remain relevant and competitive

B2B organisations today need a video marketing strategy to remain relevant to both new and current customers. With statistics indicating that B2B customers consume video for both educative and entertainment purposes, ensuring video marketing represents a significant part of your B2B content marketing strategy is crucial in order to stay relevant and competitive. Of course, this is not only beneficial to your B2B buyers but also your business. Video content on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80% and mentioning the word ‘video’ in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%. Finally, 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions.

3. Build your B2B content marketing strategy

Inbound marketing and more specifically, content marketing, represent the core of B2B marketing plans. As today’s consumers are bombarded with information from brands, it is becoming more necessary for B2B businesses to offer content that is visual, engaging and easy to digest. Video is the ideal platform for this.

Further, by developing video, it gives your business an opportunity to repurpose the content for blog articles or video transcripts ensuring you can stay relevant to your customers while giving you a never-ending calendar of content to support your social media strategy.

4. Boost SEO

Developing video marketing content can boost your B2B organisation’s search results’. We know that 90% of B2B decision-makers use search to research business decisions, so it is important to optimise your video content for SEO. Similar to text ads, the content should be high quality to drive engagement. Without engagement, Google may determine that your video is either irrelevant or low-quality.

Video marketing is no longer the future – it is here. B2B organisations are beginning to harness video to support their content marketing strategies and social media strategies whilst meeting the demands of their respective competitive environments. If you are looking for more information on this article, or assistance on how video can help your business, please reach out to The Lead Agency.

More importantly, we hope you are staying safe and well during these tough times.

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