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We all understand the potential of referrals for lead generation marketing. Despite this, very few businesses are using planned and consistent referral programs for lead generation marketing.

Referrals And Lead Generation Marketing

When someone tells their friend that your company can help them with a potential problem, and that friend takes their advice and comes to you for assistance, that’s a referral. This is also the process known as word-of-mouth. Someone has a problem, someone suggests a company or individual with goods/services that can assist in that problem, and the first person goes to the company or individual that was suggested.

That concept can be found in many aspects of life. It is certainly a crucial component to lead generation marketing.

Naturally, what you want to do then is become someone whose name or company is consistently associated with certain problems, a type of methodology, or a particular target audience. The more association you have with that problem/audience/methodology, the more referrals you’re going to get. At the very least, people understand how this applies to lead generation marketing. The tricky part then is to figure out how one becomes commonly associated with problems, an audience, or a methodology.

There are a couple of different ways you can foster a higher probability of getting more referrals. The first way is to create a strong association with yourself and certain conditions. You want the general understanding of your work to be such that when someone is talking to their friend, and that friend has a problem or a need, the first person is going to think of you immediately. This is as good an example of lead generation marketing as you’re going to find anywhere.

The second way to generate a few more referrals is to focus on being memorable to people, and not necessarily on being impressive to them. Word of mouth is something that occurs at the very, very beginning of the sales process. It’s not necessarily about your credentials, the processes you put into action, or how proficient you are. All of these things are important, but they can potentially clutter up the path that takes a person from having a problem to coming to you to solve that problem.

What you want instead is a straightforward, dynamic, memorable description of what you do. The better you realize those terms, the more likely it is that someone is going to remember you when it comes time for a referral.

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