Why do referrals work for your lead generation campaigns? It’s largely because the referral system can indeed seem messy and complicated at times, but it is a system that nonetheless has a proven record for generating leads. Why? Because when referrals are utilised in lead generation campaigns, the potential to create a relationship that’s beneficial for everybody is established. With referrals, it’s not about the referral itself. It’s about the relationship that comes out of the referral.

Referrals in your lead generation campaigns

Referral marketing creates a situation in which you will get a series of quality leads from your contacts and networks. While you cannot predict what the relationship is going to be with that referral (in terms of the individual you’re making the sale to, or how much that individual is going to order from you), you can eventually have a referral marketing strategy that can guess about potential reach with a certain degree of accuracy. This comes out of understanding that the referral is only part of your lead generation campaigns. The other part is why the referral came to you in the first place.

When you understand why the referral came to you, when you appreciate the relationship that created the referral, you’re going to find something very interesting occurring. You’re going to find it possible to create a referral marketing strategy that is capable of at least realising its potential reach. You’re not going to be able to figure out an exact science for generating leads through referrals. It just can’t be done. One referral can prove to be extremely lucrative. The next one might produce lukewarm results. The third might produce something in between the first two. The fourth might be lukewarm again, and the fifth might be extremely lucrative.

Get the picture? There is no way to create a referral marketing strategy in your lead generation campaigns that’s going to produce knockout results every single time.

However, you can develop an idea of how to get a pretty good batch of referrals each time you reach out for them. You’re working to get repeat referrals by nurturing positive relationships with those who come your way. The reason why some companies are hesitant to embrace referral marketing over cold calling is because referral marketing doesn’t have a concrete system in place. Your methods can differ entirely from a competitor’s. It takes a certain measure of creativity to utilise referral marketing successfully. Even so, numerous companies have proven it can definitely work.

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