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Referral Lead Generation Marketing Best Practices

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Referrals are a strong component to your lead generation marketing. However, like any component to lead generation marketing, there are good practices and bad practices. Good referral marketing practices will prove invaluable to your lead generation marketing practices. Bad referral marketing practices will cause you to rely on luck, which will undoubtedly put you further and further behind your competitors. By no means does it have to be.

The Best Referral Practices for Lead Generation Marketing

When creating your own referral marketing program, here are a few things you can keep in mind:

  • Give the program a sense of value that’s going to make a potential customer eager to find out more. If that customer sees value in your referral program, then they’re going to want to share it.
  • Promote the program. Take advantage of all the channels in which you can reach out to and communicate with your customers. Emails, brochures, social media, and certain aspects of your website are all good places to include information and links to your program. You can even create a dedicated awareness campaign.
  • Give the program variety. Make sure your customers are fully aware of the many ways in which they can share information about the referral program.
  • Give the program a personal touch. Customers are going to like feeling as though they’re taking their own singular approach to referring the program. The personal touch is also an optimal way to establish trust.
  • Allow your program to take advantage of every possible opportunity. The vast majority of referrals in lead generation marketing occur because of word of mouth. That means your referral program should have plenty of outlets for customers to refer you to others. Yet the program should also give people the ability to hand out and record referrals that come out of everyday interactions with others over the phone or in person.
  • Gentle reminders are a must. It’s smart lead generation marketing to remind your customers of the ways in which they can benefit from participating in your referral program. An email, a special offer, or even a seasonal promotion are all possibilities.

Keep an eye on your program. Maintain constant monitoring practices of your referral program, in order to maintain a sense of what’s working and what needs to be changed or abandoned.

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