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As with any type of marketing campaign, if your business doesn’t develop a strong Facebook strategy, it’s likely that your long-term performance will suffer.

It’s crucial that the monetary and time costs of implementing a Facebook campaign are achieving exceptional results for your business. If you’re not reaching your objectives, you need to ask yourself why exactly this is the case and make any appropriate changes.

Facebook is a social networking platform and, as such, any marketing approaches your organisation implements will likely differ to those used in more conventional campaigns.

As of March 31st 2019, Facebook has over 2.38 billion monthly users worldwide – Zephoria

Facebook provides businesses with access to an extensive range of audiences, while also offering an abundance of in-depth targeting features. With Facebook advertisements, organisations can reach a vast array of potential customers who have been accurately and precisely defined. This means that you have the opportunity to execute highly targeted, valuable campaigns that truly optimise your investment.


The Difficulty With Facebook in B2B Markets

In B2B contexts, Facebook advertising can often prove to be particularly challenging. When integrating Facebook advertising into their current marketing efforts, B2B businesses may experience difficulty successfully targeting their audience. This is because Facebook is a social platform and, typically, those who use it recreationally are consumers.

It is, therefore, essential that when using Facebook advertising your B2B organisation is carefully and tactically planning your actions to boost the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Facebook is the preferred place for 97% of marketers to conduct paid advertising – Sprout Social

Even though organisations may encounter issues when marketing to their audience using Facebook, those who overcome these can achieve exceptional outcomes. At the end of the day B2B buyers are still consumers and, as such, Facebook advertisements are relevant.

Even if your promotions don’t drive immediate action, you will have the opportunity to increase brand recognition and establish mutually beneficial relationships that offer long-term value. By executing the following steps, your business can enhance the overall viability of your B2B Facebook marketing efforts.


Define Your Target Audience

When setting up Facebook advertisements, accurately defining your distinct target audience is crucial. By doing this, you can ensure that all of your funds are going towards engaging people who are likely to have a genuine interest in your business’ offering.

With Facebook, your organisation can refine exactly who you want to be seeing your advertisements by defining certain parameters. Generally, Facebook provides access to more extensive audience specification options than other channels. These categories include the unique behaviours, connections, interests and demographics of the individuals you intend to target.

Facebook can also be used to create Custom Audiences. If a member of your target market engages with your content, whether it’s on Facebook or another platform, they’ll become a part of your custom audience. Businesses can then remarket to individuals who’ve already interacted with their content, aiming to reignite previous interest.


Refine Your Ad Creatives

According to 41% of consumers, advertisements that they find entertaining are the most engaging.

If your promotional efforts don’t spark interest, then it’s unlikely you’ll make a lasting impression that encourages action. Whether you engage potential consumers through humour, imagery or another means, your ad creatives need to offer some form of value.

Typically those using Facebook are doing so to make personal connections with others, as opposed to intentionally shopping for products or services. For B2B organisations this can cause difficulties, however, there are still plausible ways for businesses to endorse their brand while building meaningful relationships.

Entertaining advertisements are effective in overcoming this barrier, being seamlessly integrated into your target markets news feed and going beyond merely promoting your offering. In addition to this, innovative and interactive content can help your B2B business differentiate your brand from competition and engage your audience.


Monitor Your Campaign

Once you’ve launched your campaign, it is essential to examine its ongoing performance and effectiveness. Facebook provides access to an array of metrics that can be used to analyse the different aspects of a business’ advertisements.

The analytics provided by Facebook can be tailored to meet your specific organisational objectives. For instance, your business could choose to analyse the commonalities between individuals who are highly engaged in your posts. This may include their age, gender or demographics and would allow for you to define your target audience more accurately in future promotional efforts.


Adopt an Integrated Approach

It’s important to ensure that your organisation is doing more than paid advertisements on Facebook. Those wanting to maximise the long-term prosperity of a campaign need to frequently post relevant content of different varieties that truly engages their target audience.

Integrating video, shared posts, and original content is at the heart of growing and maintaining a strong following on Facebook. Those who do this are offering their target audience real value that engages, entertains and sparks ongoing interest.

Paid advertisements on Facebook can help to generate greater awareness of your brand and boost conversions, but organic activity is just as essential in a strong Facebook marketing strategy. By organically targeting their audience, organisations can build meaningful relationships with customers, fostering communities and brand advocacy.


Want to Find Out More?

If you’re interested in taking your business’ B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy to the next level, speak with an expert. At the Lead Agency, our team has more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and can provide you with the professional guidance required to achieve your organisational objectives.

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