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Number One Strategy For B2B Marketing: Keep Working On Your Leads

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Business marketing is a never-ending endeavor. Marketing is the facilitator of growth but at the foundational level it is also the sustainer. Without effective B2B marketing strategies, a company would lack viability and profitability.

The primary focus or objective of any B2B marketing campaign is to generate leads. But unfortunately, not all leads are potential buyers. Companies may perceive every lead to be a potential client or customer but that is not the reality. Even someone who is just enquiring about the products or services is a lead but he or she may not be a potential buyer.

In most cases, companies generate a ton of leads but only a tiny fraction of those leads would actually qualify as potential customers. Among the potential customers, there would be only a few that would actually be transformed into buyers. While there is no dearth of challenges in B2B marketing, the uninterested or enquiring leads are the least attended to.

Most companies don’t hold onto their business marketing leads

They tend to focus more on those that are interested and invest all the effort, time and resources of the sales teams to convert those that can be converted. But what about those that do not make a decision or are unable to make a decision at the onset? They are not useless leads. They are simply not qualified or ready enough at the moment. It is necessary to keep following up on those leads. That is what lead nurturing is all about and it is quintessential to any business marketing strategy.

Most companies discard the leads that wouldn’t express interest in buying right now but those leads may be in a position to buy in a few months or weeks time. If these leads are discarded, then other companies would be the beneficiaries. Working on these leads that would take a while to mature requires manpower, resources and time. Not every company can afford to invest all three on leads that wouldn’t have an immediate impact on the revenues generated. But every company should invest in lead nurturing so these leads can be harnessed in the future.

To keep working on all leads other than those converted, a company simply needs to keep an account of those leads, follow up continuously with all kinds of helpful content so a relationship can be formed and consistent correspondence in various ways will help the lead to understand their options and subsequently would be able to make up their mind if they would want to do business.


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