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Mother Energy: Hunting Down Those Responsible For The Old MOTHER

“The best way to get your point across is to make someone laugh”

Sometimes marketers and businesses get it very, very wrong. When this happens you have two options:
Embrace the Halloween spirit of running away from the big, scary problem, OR
Acknowledge your mistakes and fix them with a smile on your face.
When marketing efforts go wrong brand image can be severely damaged. One of the best ways to regain a favourable view from your customers and prospects is by spotting your mistake early and acting fast.
Remember that when it comes to marketing, it is absolutely essential to be prepared to adjust your strategy when it’s not working. But you don’t need to do so evasively. Combine the strategy adjustment approach with the philosophy of laughter being the best medicine.
There are few failures that can’t be salvaged with a good joke and responsive solution. Take Mother Energy for example. After the company realised that their prospects did not like their product the company redesigned the energy drink from the inside-out, creating an entirely new product. They relaunched this with a clever, tongue-in-check marketing campaign designed to poke-fun at the business’ old product, thus highlighting their improvements and generating interest and laughter in their audience.
Combining the relaunch with a new larger product size worked. Sales for the relaunched Mother Energy drink rebounded and the segment was reinvigorated.

Madison Seymour

An experienced Social Media and Digital Marketing enthusiast; Madison Seymour focuses on extracting business outcomes through appropriate social media channels. Madison regards customer service and satisfaction to be paramount in all successful business ventures. As such, she strongly believes that the customer should be the centre of all marketing and business strategies.

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