Our B2B marketing processes are based on solid marketing strategies that compliment your current marketing and sales activities. Our B2B marketing expertise can enhance your brand, develop your market offer and help your sales team connect your product, service or solution to the right audience.

Whether it’s integrating your website as a key lead source and part of the sales process; building “new B2B branding” programs to keep you in the minds of your customers and prospects; or identifying, recruiting and delivering new business prospects to assist your sales team convert them into customers; The Lead Agency has the experience and B2B marketing expertise to deliver considerable success and effective return on your B2B marketing and sales investments.

What is your B2B marketing problem?

Long sales pipeline

Does it take a long time to sell your product? Do you need help in keeping prospects warm to ensure you don’t lose any in the buying process?

Sales timing

Time for your sales stars to communicate.

Sales preparedness

How much to your prospects know about your offering?

Customer mining

Selling more to your current database.

Improving post-sales engagement

Ensuring you continue to deliver great service after the sale.

Referral gold

Turning your customers into advocates.

Marketing is all about the process of communicating the value of a product/service to an identified audience. In the B2B marketing environment this definition is enhanced by the nature of the market: in B2B marketing your audience is usually a small segment of the overall population and requires the input from more than one decision-maker.

As a result, the decision-making process is more detailed and requires much more effort. Moreover, your audience are probably well-versed in the specifics of your product or service and therefore require more effort and energy in communicating the tangible value and advantages you bring to the organisation. In a service-based business, differentiating the value of a person and their service can be even harder.

Add to this the fact that companies often prefer long-term relationships, brand loyalty (or any reluctance to change) complicates the sales and marketing process further. Ultimately, a strong B2B brand will reduce the perceived risk for the buyer and help sell the brand.