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The key to generating and converting leads is to offer effective value proposition to your prospects. In fact marketing companies Melbourne-wide must understand that value proposition is one of the major aspects for determining whether visitors will care to read more regarding their products or services or simply go to another site. If your company is less renowned, then you will have to make every effort to offer effective and enhanced value proposition to your leads. This post will explain what exactly value proposition is and what you really need to do in order to design an effective value proposition for your existing customers and site visitors.

Value Proposition: What is it?

Simply put, value proposition is a promise you make to your prospects, wherein you clearly state that you will offer the best of the services and value to your customers. It’s the sole reason why a buyer decides to purchase product and services from you and not others.  Following is what value proposition really means:

  • It is about explaining your prospects why and how your products will resolve their problems and put them in a better situation.
  • It quantifies the benefits that the prospects will acquire if they choose you over others.

Speak to any marketing consultant Melbourne-wide and they will tell you that the key to generating quality leads and eventually converting them into loyal and permanent customers is to offer effective value proposition. So, here’s what you need to do in order to design and offer an effective value proposition:

Use Appropriate Language

Design your value proposition in accordance with your customer requirements. When it comes to offering value proposition, businesses should focus on using correct and appropriate language that appeals to their leads and customers. For this, you must highlight the benefits your customer would enjoy if they select your products and services over your competitors.  Businesses can thus use social media and other appropriate measures to find out what their customers are actually searching for. Remember, value proposition is not a catchy phrase it is much more than that. Typically, the value proposition you offer through your website is a strong headline or paragraph, which is accompanied by a visual or graphics. Your value proposition statement should be attention grabbing and clarify how your prospects will benefit if they opt for your products and solutions. Businesses can always highlight the key features and benefits of their services, products and solutions so that their customers know how they are different and unique when compared to others.

How to Boost Your Value Proposition?

Your value proposition should be clear and avoid hype under all circumstances. The best way to boost your value proposition is to offer value added benefits to your customers. Some of the boosters you can consider offering as part of value proposition are:

  • Quick or free shipping
  • Free installation and set up
  • Get Bonus on Purchase
  • Get License for more than one computers
  • No setup fee
  • Money back guarantee
  • Enjoy heavy discounts

In a nutshell, preparing an effective value proposition is all about underlining the benefits that your customers would get if they buy your products and services. Once you have enlisted the benefits, make sure that you link these advantages to different mechanisms and deliver value to your prospects.


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