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Marketing Automation: The Future of B2B Marketing

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Have you ever wondered if Facebook has been reading your mind? Since that one day you searched for DIY wedding invitations, there have been advertisements popping up all over the place with tips and tricks for getting married on a budget. Your feed is full of low-price wedding dresses and sales on honeymoon destinations. You knew Facebook was all-powerful, but you didn’t know it was all-knowing too. Thank goodness, it is not. It is simply making brilliant use of Marketing Automation.

According to Forbes, our interactions with the companies with whom we have a relationship is decreasing so much that in just five years, we will likely have no human interaction with them at all. The value of quick and accurate responses to customer questions/complaints has only gone up over the years. And if a business can provide the right solution before the consumer even starts looking, so much the better.

Marketing Automation Improves Everyday Marketing

Marketing Automation allows for all of these things. It takes much of the guesswork out of strategising new marketing plans and finding new clients. Those businesses that use it are 25% more likely to know the right clients to approach, and how to approach them, than those with no automated system. Companies that employ Marketing Automation have shown up to an incredible 451% rise in qualified leads.

Marketing Automation software designers such as Marketo believe that automated market research in the digital age is best done through channels that the average person uses every day: social media, news websites, blogs, and search engines. The marketing team is then responsible to practice engagement marketing, building relationships with the client in order to ensure continuing business and genuine connection.

Marketing Automation Improves B2B Marketing

Marketing Automation saves considerable amounts of time and money that can then be used to make stronger, more effective marketing plans. As an added bonus, the automated system performs the necessary tasks with more efficiency and accuracy. Win, win, and win. Rather than replacing the need for people on the job, Marketing Automation exists to perform the boring, time-consuming tasks of market research and information acquisition, freeing up the minds of marketing professionals to be creative and develop positive relationships with clients.

While convenient enough for Business-to-Consumer marketing, Marketing Automation is practically a necessity for contemporary Business-to-Business marketing. Businesses represent a much wider range of needs, demographics, and preferences. They produce a greater amount of data that must be collected and analysed in order to form an accurate idea of how they can be successfully marketed to. Businesses thrive when the market can be predicted, and the solution is simpler than ever.

Leave the mind-reading to the computers, and open up your marketing team to build meaningful relationships with the clients you know are looking.

How do you feel about B2B Marketing Automation and its effects on the future of B2B Marketing? Do you miss the human interaction, or do you prefer to be in control of your relationship with a business?

For more information on B2B Digital Marketing, please get in contact with the Business to Business Marketing experts at the Lead Agency today!

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