Whether you are a small or large organisation, lead nurturing is the very basis of all your lead generation marketing related programs and activities. Businesses need to generate leads to ensure that profits continue to flow as always. However, it is always better to nurture your existing leads than to constantly focus lead generation campaigns. Read this blog post to find out how lead nurturing marketing is better than lead generation marketing.

Lead nurturing marketing vs lead generation marketing

Lead nurturing is essentially all about constructing and strengthening relations with your prospects even when they are not actually planning to purchase your products and services. These customers either sign up with you online to get your newsletter or may be following your company through social media websites but are not really looking at buying your solutions and products. Thus, they are either evaluating your company or are simply interested in learning more about you. Hence, businesses need to nurture such leads and assist them in finding answers to their queries by providing them apt information.

On the other hand, lead generation is a process of collating contact details and names of qualified leads who are later contacted through the sales person for acquiring business and orders. Thus, you don’t really have to work too hard to impress such customers as they are already convinced that your company is the best in the business.

Almost most marketing consultant companies are of the opinion that it is better to nurture your potential leads and update them about your products and solutions on a regular basis than to generate thousands of leads that are simply not interested in buying your products and services. Focusing on potential prospects who you think will buy your products and solutions sooner or later is definitely a better option as that will fetch you more business in the future. There is no point in constantly renewing the lead generation campaign and system if it fails to fetch you potential buyers. Instead, focus on potential customers who are showing keen interest in your products but are not really sure how to make their next move.

Tips for nurturing your leads after lead generation

Tip 1: Auditing: Don’t be obsessed or overexcited to see too many visitors on your website. There is no reason to rejoice, if you are fail to convert your website visitors into potential prospects. This is exactly where you will require an effective lead nurturing program. Make sure you acquire email addresses, phone numbers and names of your visitors so that you can connect with them at a later stage and sell your products and solutions.

Tip 2: Target your customers: Once you have shortlisted the names and details of your prospects, you must have an online mechanism for contacting them. You need to identify whether your prospects are ready to purchase your products and solutions or not. Once you have done that make sure you meet their business requirements. Devise a strategy for nurturing your relationships with these target customers.

Tip 3: Use your existing database: Use your existing database of customers in order to acquire additional business and nurture them. You can always revisit your customer database and identify the clients who may have purchased from you in the past. This way you will acquire fresh business from your old and loyal customers and eventually increase your profits.

To sum up, lead nurturing is all about creating a loyal base of customers who have immense trust in your offerings and will sooner or later buy products and solutions from you.

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