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It’s no hidden secret that in order to acquire more customers and generate leads on a regular basis, a business needs to set up its website. Designing a landing page that helps your leads identify you easily is the first step towards effective lead generation marketing. Here, take a look at another five lead generation examples that will help you generate and eventually convert leads with ease.

1. Add a Contact Number to Your Website:  By including a contact number to your company’s website will help you acquire leads easily. People show immense trust and faith in organisations that share their contact details on their site. It sort of increases your credibility and even if your leads are not calling you, adding a phone number does provide them some comfort.

2. Include Testimonials and Photos: If you want your lead generation campaigns to be effective and successful then include photos and testimonials on your website. In fact, uploading videos and other useful content takes you a step further and makes you even more credible. Remember, a couple of good testimonials will have a solid impact on your website visitors and it may also prove useful in boosting your sales further. So, don’t forget to include testimonials and relevant photos on your website pages.

3. Include Forms on Website Pages: Businesses that intend to generate leads through their website must never forget to include lead generation forms on each and every page of their website. This allows them to identify prospects easily. However, make sure that your forms request for only basic information. This is because when a prospect visits your site, he/she may not want to give away a lot of personal or business related information right at the very beginning. Put your lead generation marketing forms in a manner that it is easily noticeable.

4. Choose Powerful Words: A nice and easy way to generate leads through website pages is to use powerful words for attracting visitors. Including words like “Have”, “Feel” and “Get” among others will compel your visitors to grab your offers. Your customers are more likely to accept your offers or purchase your products and services when they feel that they will benefit by partnering with you.

5. Use Online Videos: Don’t forget to upload videos on your website as it is extremely helpful in bridging the gap between you and your customers. Include videos that demonstrate more about your company, products and services. Also, make sure that your video speaks to your users as that allows you to connect with your online visitors easily. An informative video may also help you convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Bottom line:

None of the above mentioned tips will work wonders for you unless you put them to test. Businesses must test each and every option to determine which one really works for them. Use an analytics software that will provide you with timelines, real-time data and other information for improving your website and thereby generating more leads for your businesses. 

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