Lead Generation: Nurture

At The Lead Agency we know that while lead generation may be effective, the problem is that most new leads are not yet ready to engage.

If your sales team tries to contact a lead before they are ready, it is unlikely to be successful and reinforces the general impression that marketing-generated leads are no good. As a result, leads risk getting lost, ignored, or snatched up by competitors.

Once you attract a lead it is important not to lose that lead. Marketing conversations allow you to get to know that potential prospect better, to understand their needs and purchasing motivations. As a result, you are better placed to know how to earn their trust and nurture them until they are ready to purchase.

Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads according to a DemandGen Report.

At The Lead Agency we help build relationships of trust with your prospects as a strategy to move them further along your sales funnel. We optimise your sales and marketing processes making sure you’re not forgetting to follow up a customer or prospect who may be ready to buy from you in the near future.

Lead nurturing builds relationships with potential clients even if they are not currently looking to buy your product or service. It raises your company’s profile making it more likely that your customer or prospect will choose your product or service when it is time to buy.

Lead nurturing campaigns build a relevant conversation with your targets to keep you in their mind and demonstrate your advantages to encourage the client to buy sooner rather than later. Lead nurturing is a traditional marketing practice, but it has taken on new meaning now that companies can create communities around their products using social media.

The Key To Effective Lead Nurturing

The key to Lead Nurturing is identifying which targets are interested in your offering and when to connect with them. It’s about a marketing conversation: communicating with your customers and prospects regularly with content from your company so you leave an imprint on their mind until they need you.

Effective Lead Nurturing also scores each lead and prospect to understand who is actively interested and cultivating interest in those who are not by tracking their activity, level of interest and what content they are absorbing about your offering.

Through automated marketing campaigns, Lead Nurturing can considerably increase the level of communication with your customers and prospects to deliver better quality leads to your sales team without taking them away from their own sales processes.

With over 15 years acquiring new customers for B2B companies, we have the tools and the expertise to help your sales team with better leads and grow your business.


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