Lead Generation: Refer

Effective communication is about listening and conversations, not just talking at them.

The way in which you communicate with you clients is critical to being able to generate repeat business and build a referral culture. It’s important to have your own voice and style, but equally, speak with them in a way that establishes trust and exerts your knowledge and expertise. To build a referral culture you need to speak with your customers as valued individuals who are seeking your help and expertise, in ways they understand and appreciate.

Traditional advertisements don’t sell products like they used to. 75% of people don’t even believe ads tell the truth according to HubSpot. More significantly, 90% of people turn to friends for brand recommendations and are 71% more likely to buy a product or service if someone referred it to them.

A considerable amount of trust accompanies a referral, because it comes with a “seal of approval” from a reliable source.

A referral is 71% more likely to purchase your product or service than someone you have marketed to.

The endorsement of a friend or trusted peer goes a long way toward building your client base, especially in service-based markets. When someone needs a new service, it can be difficult to determine who can provide the right service, at the right price and good quality.

They may not know exactly what they need, or where to find it. But if someone recommends a service provider to them, the biggest hurdle to the buying process has been overcome.

Keep this in mind as you meet with new clients. Be sure to ask if they were referred and, if so, by whom. By keeping track of this information, you can contact the referring client and thank them.

This puts you right back at the forefront of their minds, and they’ll remember you when others need your services in the future. Always be gracious, and never miss an opportunity to thank clients for their business.

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