Lead Generation: Delight

For any business, your main marketing goal should be converting people who interact with you or responds to your marketing efforts into a person who takes action and purchases from your business.

But ultimately, you want to turn that one-time customer into a repeat buyer, so you need to make sure they have a great ongoing customer experience.

Follow up marketing effectively gets customers to buy from you again and again instead of just one time. Having more repeat buyers is one of the best ways for a business to succeed.

At The Lead Agency we have experience in a range of strategies to follow up customers effectively.

We have experience in follow up marketing that has contributed to improved business relationships, more repeat customers, business stability, and increased ROI.

We can empower your business to educate, inform, and equip prospects and customers to make better buying decisions and position you as the #1 product or service in your industry.

Don’t rely on the quality of the product or advice you offer

Once you have successfully converted someone into a customer, you need to ensure that they are delighted with you, not just the product or service.

Many companies talk about and deliver great customer service, but that’s not enough: it’s mandatory if you want repeat business. Instead you need to develop ways to become essential and unforgettable.

Be unforgettable

You want your customers to see your product or service in a unique way. Whether it’s the way you communicate or present their product or service information through to the way your sales staff deliver the final product or service that sets the foundation.

Nothing gets customers feeling that they made the right decision more than buying a product that meets their needs and having a great company stand behind it.

Be supportive

Many companies leave their client alone once the sales process is over, often thinking that they don’t want to be disturbed or annoyed.

However, often there are teething problems, small issues or a lack of understanding of the product or service for a new customer.

If you offer your customers a level of service after the sale that they don’t get anywhere else, you’ll be remembered and ensure they feel that they made the right decision.

Be trusted

Many B2B companies talk about becoming a ‘trusted adviser’ to their clients. Trust is critical in marketing: building trust is often the differentiating feature of a buyer’s purchasing decision.

The ‘trusted adviser’ is based on the idea of being considered an integral part of their customer’s organisation and therefore a great way to gain repeat sales and customer loyalty.

However, trust is a difficult thing to earn and it is easily lost. The key to building trust is regular communication and dealing with honest feedback.

Around a week after purchasing your product or service, memories of that experience begin to fade — and that’s when it’s important to reach out and remind customers about you.

Staying in touch with customers keeps you in their mind but also allows you to gain valuable information for your business.

By following up, you gather important feedback you can use to improve operations, customer service or products, while also telling customers that you care about what they have to say.

With over 15 years acquiring new customers for B2B companies, we have the tools and the expertise to help your sales team with better leads and grow your business.


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