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Using Keyword Research For Lead Generation Marketing

lead generation marketing

Keyword research is popularly associated with search engine optimisation. However, it can also prove to be an invaluable tool when utilised in lead generation marketing. While you would be likely to use keyword research in your SEO marketing strategies, it can just as easily be applied to your plans with lead generation marketing. All you have to do is keep a few simple things in mind.

Keyword Research And Lead Generation Marketing

One of the first things you have to realize with keyword research and lead generation marketing is that you’re not really going to have to do anything different. If you were planning to research relevant keywords for SEO anyway, you can apply that research to lead generation quite easily. Doing so simply involves making a few slight adjustments to how the research is carried out:

  • There are numerous keyword research software programs available. Google has a keyword tool that can do the job nicely for keyword research for lead generation marketing.
  • Use Google’s keyword tool (or whatever it is what you want to use to search for the keywords and phrases commonly associated with your website) to generate the keywords that people are using in connection with what your website offers.
  • Use these keywords to generate topic ideas for articles and blog posts you can share on your site. Using the keyword organically throughout your article or blog post will not only result in proper SEO marketing tactics, but proper lead generation marketing, as well.
  • As long as you’re creating solid content that appears favorably in search engine results, people are going to connect to what you’re saying. This establishes a relationship between yourself and the visitor that’s extremely beneficial for both.
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to blog posts. An infographic or eBook are other ways to use keyword research to create content ideas.
  • You can extend the keywords used in your content into your CTA (call to action), as well. For example, if you have a blog post about “Facebook marketing techniques”, you can end the blog post with a CTA that invites people to “discuss their favorite Facebook marketing techniques” or “click the link to download a comprehensive guide to Facebook marketing techniques.” This is what it means to use keywords in a natural, engaging fashion. Those are logical, organic places to put keywords.

SEO doesn’t just involve the main page, the meta description, or the tags. Keyword research can extend with ease into a variety of lead generation marketing strategies.

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