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The Importance of LinkedIn Marketing for B2B


LinkedIn has become one of the most important social networks for today’s B2B marketer. With more than 259 million users, it is the largest professional network in the world, and unique in its ability to facilitate contact with professionals and business buyers.

Despite it’s obvious potential, marketers often overlook LinkedIn marketing and instead devote more time and resources to the more glamorous social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This is a huge oversight, considering of all the social media channels, LinkedIn refers 64% of visits to corporate websites [CMO, Adobe 2014]. Comparing this to Facebook’s 17% [CMO, Adobe 2014], it’s clear that B2B marketers who shift their focus to LinkedIn are likely see a significant increase in ROI.

Increase Brand Awareness

LinkedIn gives businesses the opportunity to network with a huge number of relevant contacts. Using different personal and group features, companies and business owners can increase the visibility of their brand.

Fully optimising your profile will increase your chance of being seen on LinkedIn. Be as descriptive as possible and include your business’s keywords so that prospects searching for experts in your industry will easily find your business.

Establish Thought Leadership

LinkedIn is ideal for business networking. It enables you to identify and engage influencers and position your brand in their mind as a thought leader in your space.

There are many you can do this on LinkedIn. Participate in relevant groups and communities and answer any questions relevant to your industry. Post quality content regularly by sharing insightful industry materials and writing your own blogs, articles or reviews. Leadership goes hand in hand with influence, so ensure the information you post is accurate and engaging, and your brand will stick in your follower’s mind.

Generate Leads

LinkedIn offers very personal ways of identifying potential leads, engaging them and turning them into customers. It provides a platform for listening and responding to your leads, which is invaluable for any B2B business.

Active customers and prospects on LinkedIn will post questions and share content that interests them. This provides the B2B marketer with in-depth insight into their customer’s problems and interests. Within the LinkedIn community you can generate leads by directly responding to customer queries with useful insight or links to your webpage content. Alternatively, you can market to them indirectly by posting articles or reports that will solve their problem and further strengthen their relationship with your brand.

We know that great marketing conversations make sales. LinkedIn provides the ideal platform for you to introduce yourself to your customer and initiating that conversation. Once the connection has been established, posting on LinkedIn can keep it relevant and insightful for your customer, so you’re at the front of their mind when they are ready to purchase. Learn more about B2B lead generation and B2B content marketing.


If you’re interested in developing B2B social media marketing strategies, get in touch with The Lead Agency today. The Lead Agency are specialists in B2B digital marketing, enabling companies like yours to utilize smart strategies to meet business objectives and improve business outcomes.

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