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GEICO: Happier Than A Camel On Wednesday

“The best way to get your point across is to make someone laugh” 

The Government Employees Insurance Company, widely known as GEICO, achieved huge social media success when pairing humour with the hump day trend in their “Happier Than A Camel On Wednesday” advertisement.

GEICO is no stranger to running humour-driven ad campaigns, but they really hit the jackpot with this one. The result of associating the brand with the mid-week celebration of making it half-way to the weekend did amazing things for the shares the company received.

The advert takes a humorous approach to a weekly trending topic, which audiences can relate to, in order to engage with viewers in a highly relevant way. It stands out because it entertains audiences whilst also giving them something that helps them to identify with the company.

Brand videos usually hit their peak the day after sharing occurs, after which rapid social decay is experienced. This was not the case with GEICO’s hump day ad. Unlike the vast majority of branded videos, this ad attracted a huge spike in sharing activity on every Wednesday since its launch, continuing to spread GEICO’s brand message week after week.  In fact, more than two-thirds (67.3%) of its shares occur on Wednesdays:

GEICO shares by the days of the week
Monday – 2.6%
Tuesday – 3.5%
Wednesday – 67.3%
Thursday – 16.7%
Friday – 4.0%
Saturday – 3.1%
Sunday – 2.8%


Madison Seymour

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