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Five Tips For Great Lead Generation Campaign Websites

Lead Generation Campaign

When it comes to your lead generation campaign, it’s simple: The better the website, the better the lead generation campaign is going to be.

Thankfully, creating a strong website to make your lead generation campaign a successful one isn’t as difficult as some will claim. Keeping a few simple tips in mind is all you need to do.

Five Lead Generation Website Tips

As you’re building your website or working to improve the lead generation capabilities of your existing website, here are five simple things you can keep in mind to help you along:

  • Give your customers a phone number. This may seem like a silly move to you, but including a contact number right on the landing page accomplishes a number of things in a lead generation campaign. You’re establishing trust with your visitors and establishing a strong sense of credibility. The customers don’t necessarily need to call. Some websites even use a phone number that incorporates a relevant keyword or their domain name.
  • Include forms on each page. Your actual lead generation form should be included on various pages of your website. It’s also a wise move to not ask visitors for too much information right at the beginning. A form that asks for only the most basic, necessary contact information is a form that’s more likely to generate leads.
  • Photos and testimonials are a must. Testimonials from satisfied customers lend instant credibility to a lead generation campaign. Adding photos to the testimonials can raise your credibility stakes even further.
  • Have videos that speak to the user and not at them. Videos have been proven to dramatically increase conversion rates. However, you want your videos to utilize an approach that emphasizes speaking to the viewer. What you don’t want to do is make videos that simply talk at them with a lot of information and other aggressive tactics. Videos that feel like a casual conversation amongst friends are going to further the trust element you’ve created.
  • Use trust seals sincerely. Including a trust seal with your product page can increase your conversion rates, but make sure the trust seal is backed by actual guarantees.

These are five simple tips that can bring a lot of positive attention to your lead generation campaign. It’s all about establishing trust, which then leads to a connection. That connection becomes a sale. That sale can then very easily become a working relationship with an engaged, interested customer. These tips can accomplish all that.

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