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Five Lead Generation Marketing Tips For Referrals

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It’s common knowledge that referrals are an essential component to lead generation marketing. We understand the intense value of word-of-mouth for lead generation marketing. The problem lies in figuring out ways in which a company can get those reviews and connections. Interaction with current and potential customers, listening to current and potential customers, and responding to current and potential customers are all possibilities.

Unfortunately, understanding those possibilities is one thing. Applying them in a proactive way to lead generation marketing is another matter altogether.

5 Referral Lead Generation Marketing Tips

To get consistent, usable referrals, a number of possibilities exist. For example, Google is now placing a greater emphasis on reviews of a business, which can extend to pictures, reviews, and comments. Research indicates that companies interested in realising their full word of mouth potential need to find ways to actively engage and listen to their customers.

This same research makes it clear that the more you come across as someone who cares about the customer on a personalised, individual basis, the more likely they are to engage your business with things like referrals. These facts and others have guided companies of all shapes and sizes to a great deal of success in lead generation marketing.

So what are some lead generation marketing tips for referrals?

  • Give customers a variety of ways to interact with your company directly. There are social media outlets, comment sections on the actual site, email, live chat, and more. There are people who primarily use a smartphone or iPad. There are people who prefer their laptop. All of these people should have options to communicate with your company.
  • Give customers a clear indication that you are listening. The more customers feel like you’re listening, the more connected they’re going to feel to the knowledge you’re giving them about your goods and services.
  • Give customers a sense that their own reputation is valued. Exceptional customer support will give them a sense of confidence when they refer your website to someone else.
  • Give customers a sense that they’re helping you. Asking customers directly for insight is a proven method for making those customers feel as though their opinions and interactions truly matter.
  • Give customers what they want. A multi-channel mix that avoids friction, emphasizes high value, and seeks to engage without intruding is what customers ultimately want from the businesses they frequent and recommend. Remind and suggest instead of demand.
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