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Five B2B Marketing Ideas For 2015

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You can never have too many B2B marketing ideas. Business marketing is difficult and it is complicated. If the product or service in context is catered to a niche audience, then the challenges can be much more daunting. While there are innumerable ways a company can approach its B2B marketing, here are five ideas that should be considered for 2015.


1. Volume Is The Key

It doesn’t matter what is being marketed, more is     indeed merrier. When B2B marketing teams work on B2B lead generation, they should focus on volume. That shouldn’t be the only focus but the team has to understand that with greater numbers there is a possibility of a higher turnaround. It may so happen that the lead to sale conversion rate would fall. It may fall drastically and be very undesirable. But a company needs to question what is better, a twenty percent conversion getting a hundred sales or a five percent conversion getting two hundred sales?

In any case, all leads are channeled through a sales funnel. In other words, leads are funneled. It doesn’t take much time or effort to discard leads that do not qualify but it does take a fair amount of time, effort and planning to generate the leads. Each of your B2B marketing strategies should be focused on lead generation as a volume game.

2. Don’t Compromise The Quality

To play the volume game, one has to focus more on numbers rather than the quality. There would have to be more content, more activity and more resources invested to generate more leads. However, that should not compromise the quality of anything, be it content or be it the leads that are eventually funneled. While generating more leads is essential, the qualifying criteria should not be softened because in such a scenario the sales team would spend a lot of time on unproductive correspondences.

3. Add In An Extra Filter

Always try to be more certain of the kind of leads you want. Adding an extra filter or another qualifying criterion can make a huge difference in the lead to sale conversion rate. This may not always have a bearing on the bottom line but it can always increase the efficiency of the B2B marketing and sales teams.

4. Hold On To The Unconverted Leads

Don’t throw away the leads that did not get converted. They may get converted in the near future. All a company needs is a bit of lead nurturing, relationship building and waiting for the right time when the lead can decide.

5. Perennial Review Of B2B Marketing Strategies

A company shouldn’t wait for a long time before reviewing B2B marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter if the strategy is working or proving to be ineffective. Success and failure both require perennial reviewing.

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