Is your B2B business struggling to gain engagement on the major social media networks? A lot has been written about the importance of using social media to help grow your business, particularly in the B2B sector.

While major social media sites allow people from all over the world to discuss and share anything that comes to mind, niche ones have the advantage that they focus on a specific topic or industry. Subsequently, the people connecting on these social media sites are much more interested in those specific topics. There are a number of niche social media platforms that, if implemented into your overall digital marketing strategy, could act as excellent communication and promotional channels for your company.

For small business marketing, niche social media sites provide an interesting opportunity to connect with a highly targeted audience. This is particularly effective for marketers, because the more targeted your audience is, the higher your conversion rates are likely to be.


Benefits of niche social platforms

Niche social networking sites are social networks geared toward a very specific target audience, creating an online network of individuals who bond over a specialised common interest.

It’s important to remember that because they are so specific, the traffic and audience are smaller on niche social media sites. However, the increased relevance of the content and topics means that the return on investment can often be higher.

This is the main benefit of being active on a niche social media site that aligns with your company’s product or service. It is easier to engage and convert individuals who already have an interest in something that your brand offers rather than trying to promote the benefits of your business credit checking service on Facebook, where users are more interested in memes and funny videos.



How to find the right network for your business


So now you know the benefits of being active on a niche social media site, but which platform should you implement as part of your small business marketing strategy?

Finding the right niche platform is crucial to your success. The first step to finding the right network for your business is to understand your audience. With any social media site, you want to locate your audience and tailor your communication to fit their needs, which is why niche platform activity only works if the people you want to reach are actually active on it. Do your research and ensure your target audience are present. A simple Google Search can get you far. Is your business is the beer brewing industry? Simply type in: social media networks for beer lovers.



Four niche social media sites to consider

Major social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have become increasingly overcrowded, making it much harder to stand out and gain results. Niche social media networking is all about going deep, not wide.

To provide you with a taste of what kinds of niche social media networks are out there, here are four niche social media networks that exist, each representing a different demographic or industry:


1: Untappd

Untappd - niche social media

Untappd is the ultimate social network for craft beer enthusiasts. For users, it lets beer lovers discover new beers locally, share their favourite beer and check-in at bars. For businesses, it allows them to publish their beer menus and events to millions of beer enthusiasts.


2: ActiveRain

ActiveRain - niche social media

ActiveRain is the most active network in the real estate community. It is the place to be if you are a real estate agent, broker, home stager, lender or other real estate professional. Members can participate in groups, learn and connect with each other and create blogs. Businesses can build their reputation on the platform by sharing their best practices so that others can learn from their success.


3: Ravelry

Ravelry - niche social media

Ravelry is a free social networking service for anyone who works with yarn and patterns, including knitting, crocheting, weaving and spinning. It is an online community where users can inspire, share, learn and discover new trends within the yarn artisan community.

Ravelry allows crafters to advertise and sell their knitting, patterns or yarn on the site to help promote their own business targeted to yarn artists. Members are often hobbyists, or professionals promoting their business.


4: - niche social media is a network for HR professionals, providing educational tools and resources within the human resources industry. Not only is it a valuable resource for businesses needing HR advice, but also for marketers targeting people in the HR industry. The site has an extensive list of articles, webcasts and ELearning lessons covering the industry and continually changing world of HR.



In summary, niche social media sites provide an interesting opportunity to reach a narrowly targeted audience. Be involved with social media networks where the site topic aligns with what your business offers. This will allow you to locate your audience and tailor your communication to fit their needs.

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