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Now Is the Time To Embrace Business Marketing Automation

business marketing

Business marketing is at the crux of any company’s success. As imperative B2B marketing is, it is dauntingly complicated. Many companies invest fairly in various kinds of marketing but they fail to assess the return on investment. Without assessing the returns, investments in business marketing can never be deemed a success or a failure.

It is this primary or basic need that makes marketing automation unavoidable for most businesses.

There are various kinds of marketing and with new mediums and platforms evolving with each passing year, the competition is going to get fiercer and it would be more complicated to determine the budget for business marketing and how exactly one should go about executing the various strategies. A company needs deft marketers and the right marketing technology is also just as significant.

Before delving into why 2015 is the year when businesses should embrace marketing automation, let us briefly discuss what it does. Business marketing automation involves systemically automating as many repeatable or systematic tasks that are being done manually. But that is not where its utility ends. B2B marketing automation encompasses every aspect of marketing. It monitors all marketing content so the subsequent impact can be assessed and adjusted.

Automation takes care of capturing and using crucial data pertaining to how leads are generated, what kinds of leads are generated and how they are being worked on. Through the automation of regular communications with prospects and leads, marketing departments can turn cold prospects into hot leads for the sales department to close. Even greater, using agreed lead scoring criteria, sales versus marketing arguments can be reduced as both sides agree what is an actionable lead.

From lead to sale conversion rates to repeat purchases, measuring overall customer experience to highlighting the loopholes or the effective practices in an entire B2B marketing campaign or strategy, automation sheds light on every aspect of business marketing.

Contact management, lead scoring and lead nurturing, list segmentation, email marketing, content performance measurement and its subsequent reporting and even trials or tests of website pages and various kinds of promotions or offers; everything can be managed, assessed and inferred upon using marketing automation.

Now, it is estimated that in the year 2015 the industry of automation marketing will grow to be worth US$4.8 billion globally. At a time when businesses are pressed for time and resources because of the increased activity in the virtual sphere which one cannot ignore, business marketing automation is imperative.

Get in touch with B2B marketing consultants at The Lead Agency today to learn more about how business marketing can benefit your company.

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