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Specialised marketing solutions for the education sector

Are you looking for a B2B marketing agency that understands the specific demands of the Education sector?

At The Lead Agency we understand how to market your Educational institution to achieve your organisation’s goals.

We are a specialist B2B digital marketing agency with expertise in B2B digital marketing strategy, content marketing, digital lead generation, lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Marketing to the Education Sector

The Education sector has undergone significant change over the past five years. Higher Education and Training Institutions, as well as upper education organisations, have all been impacted by the shift towards demand-driven funding models. In spite of these changes, industry revenue is expected to grow 4.5 per cent over the next five years

In a growing and competitive market, it is crucial to have an informed and experienced B2B marketing team at your side to help you turn your business challenges into marketing solutions.

At The Lead Agency, we understand the B2B marketing and communications challenges that Education institutions face. We understand that you have a broad target audience that can be segmented in many ways – from prospective students to media to staff internally within your organisation.

At The Lead Agency, we guarantee:

  • Strong lead pipelines that attract, nurture and educate new customers – ultimately, engaging them and motivating them to act;
  • Tactical upsell and cross-sell strategies that build a strong and effective referral culture with your customers;
  • Targeted and consistent marketing conversations by regularly communicating with the right audience for your business;
  • Focused marketing activities that deliver tangible value to your business: more leads or better quality leads for your business.

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What We Can Offer Your Tertiary or Secondary Education Institution

The Lead Agency has over 20 years experience in B2B marketing strategies and lead generation campaigns – as well as significant experience working with various Education businesses.

In the Education sector, B2B marketing activities fall into either one of four categories:

  • Attracting new customers;
  • Selling more to your existing customers;
  • Cross-selling other services to your existing customers; or
  • Finding new customers in complementary markets.

As a leading Melbourne B2B marketing agency, we know that any marketing effort has to align with one of these business strategies.


At The Lead Agency we specialise in lead generation and quality B2B marketing. The long lead times associated with B2B marketing are very similar to the purchasing journey of a prospective student – with multiple individuals being part of the final purchase decision.

However, we are able to maintain all facets of your Marketing and Communications – from Public Relations to Search Engine Advertising.

Our Marketing is scalable to any size organisation – whether you are a small training institute or a large scale University. You can rely on The Lead Agency to be able to solve your business problems with marketing solutions.


High schools are the last touch point for students before they enter the wider world as independent adults. As a school you are looking building strong relationships within the community and larger business sector.

Here at The Lead Agency we know how to position your institution. We also know how to maintain effective lead generation and B2B marketing activities on your behalf.

How the Lead Agency Can Deliver Results for your Educational Institution

Are you struggling to find the right approach to your B2B Marketing?

Do you need help improving the way your Educational Institution generates more and better quality leads?

Read more about services below to find out more about what we can do to deliver just that.

Our Services


Are you tired of strategies that don’t deliver results or align with your organisation’s objectives? Here at The Lead Agency, we develop strategic marketing plans that work. We know how to build reliable marketing and sales funnels guaranteed to bring in more – and better quality – leads.

We take a customer-centric approach to all our strategy and work closely with you to identify and attract new business.

View some of the B2B Strategy services we offer below:


We are primarily a Digital Marketing agency. We have extensive experience integrating digital Marketing and Communications activities that complement your existing strategy.

Our unique approach focuses on optimising existing assets and resources to generate more leads and better quality leads for your sales team.

View some of the B2B Digital services we offer below:


Lead Generation is the key to success for any University, Training Institution or High School. The lifeblood of any Education institution is it’s students. Our innovative lead generation and nurturing strategies, combined with compelling content generation will be an invaluable asset in delivering successful Marketing outcomes.

We focus on the B2B buying journey by addressing digital, data, content, communications, technology, lead generation/nurturing to create more leads and better quality leads for your Education business.

View some of the Lead Generation services we offer below:


Our expert B2B marketing consultants will analyse your current marketing activities. 

We will provide a report on your current marketing performance, make recommendations to extract greater value from your marketing and deliver results for your Educational Institution.


Are you struggling to find the right approach to your B2B marketing?

Do you need help improving the way your business generates more and better quality leads?

Speak to The Lead Agency: our proven approach can help your business succeed.