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Content Marketing Trick Or Treat

Content marketing trick or treat

“Content is King” has been the mantra of the online marketing world in recent years, and the phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down.

However, many content marketers have become complacent. According to the Content Marketing Institute less than 40% of all content marketers are effective at content marketing. It seems that Content Marketing has become more about churning out article after article, blog after blog, and creating content to fill a weekly quota rather than to really benefit the reader (and subsequently, the business).

While the production of quick content may generate short term results such as a spike in traffic or a low-quality lead, it is likely to have long-term consequences for your brand. Bad quality content can result in a loss of brand reputation as well as low quality leads and opportunities.

You can’t, and shouldn’t try to trick your customers into purchase. To use Content Marketing to its full potential, you have to treat your customers by making it valuable.

Tailor Your Content to Buyer Personas

Before curating your content, it’s important to consider how it will be of benefit to the reader. In order to do this is you should consider buyer personas.

A buyer persona is more than a one-dimensional profile of the people you want to influence, or a map of their journey, but rather it reveals insights about your buyers’ decisions, attitudes and concerns. A good buyer persona will outline the reasons and criteria that drive prospective customers to choose you over your competitors and provide invaluable insight that you can use to inform your content marketing strategy.

Segment Your Audience

Effective marketing is relevant marketing and segmenting your blog can drive more leads and more sales. Similar to buyer personas, a segment is a group of customers that share similar demographics, and/ or psychographics.

By developing these groups, you can create a content strategy that includes different topics, formats and mediums that specifically address the drivers, motivations and fears of each one. Creating more relevant content based on your prospect’s goals and interests, is more likely to catch their attention influence them, and drive a desired action.

Address Your Prospect’s Point in the Buyer Journey

By tailoring your content to the prospect’s specific point in their buyer journey, you can more quickly move them through the Sales Funnel to purchase. In order to do this, you should collect data on the pain-points, interests and activities of prospects at each individual stage, and use this to inform content that is unique to each stage in the funnel.

This highly targeted form of nurturing positions your company as a helpful resource to buyers, and makes them more likely to respond to your communications.

Encourage Conversions

In order to ensure ROI with content marketing, the content that you create should be delivered in a way that encourages conversions and generates results. In order to make your prospects more likely to convert, remove any distractions in your content and focus on a single point that guides the reader toward the end goal. Use language that invokes feelings of immediacy and fosters a sense of urgency, as the fear of missing out is a highly effective sales tool that can drive prospects to conversion. Finally, don’t be overly promotional with your content. While you should always include a call to action, it has to be appropriate, relevant and engaging.


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