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Combining B2B Marketing & Sales Departments

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How To Use The B2B Marketing Advantage

On their own, B2B marketing and sales usually work in complete opposition of each other. Where B2B marketing looks to extend and strengthen their business over a transition, where these efforts may require a couple years, sales usually look to impact these markets a lot quicker.

Sales are met at a quota each month, where a B2B marketing might not sell the same service at nearly the same sales rate. While both, alone, can benefit their respective companies, they work so much better when combined. If you are interested to see these opportunities, it is time you combined the two, both for better profit and satisfaction for your company.

How Do You Combine Them?

B2B marketing is very crucial to both new and old business, as its service as (business to business) is very vital to expanding ones business, both financially and by growth. To combine sales and marketing, at the right magnitude, will take some patience at first. Sales departments (where sales are made), work efficiently as they do quickly, so your company will need a backbone of sorts to combine them. To start this procedure, you will need to research into the kind of sales and service you want to own.

This will require you to look at both strategies in their pros and cons, and will allow you later to strengthen their downfalls. So how do you combine them? Simply break down the barriers that are separating them. Have a company that specialises in “sales”, where the sales will look to target the various customers you are trying to reach. Where sales soars at gaining customers, its the marketing efforts to complete the job to fund such advertisements. In the end, the sale won’t be considered a solid “sale”, but more towards the cycle that is now revenue.

Why Should I Combine Sales & B2B Marketing?

So, why would you combine them? Won’t it take more costs, more positions to fill with new sales or marketing roles? Yes, but it is very beneficial if you take and use the advantage once it presents itself. Once combined, you get both marketing and sales benefits, whilst experiencing little overhead costs.

The sales will target the audience, meaning the marketing can focus on building up this audience, as well as reaching or gaining the customer base by inbound or outbound marketing. Once you have a loyal customer base, one that is expanding daily, then you can truly be relieved that you have both sales and marketing strengths. Your best bet would to have a whole team dedicated to sales, where the representatives will work vehemently at selling a target quota, which can be based on numerous periods.

Then the marketing efforts can be helmed by either computer or human, as these marketing efforts are usually simple in their execution. Learn more about business to business marketing.

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