Business networking is a high-involvement, but very low-cost, way to generate quality leads and opportunities for your business and is an essential component to building any business, big or small.

However, it is important to note that business networking is more than simply showing up to a networking function and shaking lots of hands and receiving lots of business cards. There is an art to business networking.

Ensure you make a lasting impression for all the right reasons when next networking by following the simple dos and don’ts outlined in our Business Networking Etiquette 101 crash-course infographic:

Business Networking Etiquette

Putting the time and patience required into networking your business is well worth the effort. It is far easier to find the perfect-fit service, investors, suppliers, partners, advisors and everyone and everything else you may require for your business when you actually know the people that you are dealing with, or if they’ve come on personal recommendations. Gone are the days of uncertainty when searching though Google and Yellow Pages for what you need. Networking can guarantee a better quality connection, providing you with the much-needed piece of mind you want when getting into new business relationships.

Remember that the more people you know, the more business opportunities you’ll discover. There really is no substitute for personal contacts in the world of business. Once you start meeting more and more people and telling them about your business, you’ll reap the rewards of more and more business opportunities stemming from your large network.

Some rules to take away from this post are:

  • To always carry around business cards (but always give them out sparingly)
  • Practice describing your business in a succinct way, avoiding any overbearing or annoying approach.
  • Ensure you are engaging with others and always gauging their interest and discussing how you could help each other.

Happy networking!

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