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How To Build A Referral Lead Generation Campaign

lead generation campaign

Establishing a lead generation campaign can feel like a complex venture in this day and age. However, when you break things down into various, achievable components, your lead generation campaign can become a little easier to manage and utilize. Learning how to build a referral lead generation campaign is a good example of this.

Referrals continue to drive a great deal of business for companies big and small, regardless of their target audience. It can bring down sales costs, reduce the overall sales cycle, build a stronger circle of consistent, happy customers, and lead to greater revenue. A referral lead generation campaign has a ton of benefits. The question then is how one goes about building and executing a successful campaign.

Building Your Referral Lead Generation Campaign

There are several things any company needs to do to build their own successful referral lead generation campaign:

  • Establish goals. Create a timeline that ends with achieving a certain level of increase in your business through referrals.
  • Don’t be obnoxiously aggressive. You want the referral, but you don’t want to make your customer feel like they have to give you that on the spot. Give the customer time to become a believer.
  • Focus on the best. Turn to your best customers when asking for referrals.
  • Give your customers reasons to refer: Bonuses or additional support/service can establish relationships that feel personal to the client. That will make them eager to refer you to others.
  • Tell your customers what you’re after. Don’t be afraid to communicate clearly with you existing customers what you’re looking for in future customers. Have a referral program that establishes early on and in very plain terms what you’re after, or you can communicate this to the customer directly.
  • Establish a rewards program: Give customers even more reasons to utilize your referral program. For example, give a customer who brings you five referrals special access to a new product or some choice discounts. Give the customer who brings you ten referrals something even more appealing than that. And so on. This tactic can further emphasize the feeling of a personal relationship between the customer and your company.
  • Thank your customers. Even something as simple as a personalized thank-you letter can go a long way towards making the customer feel as though their contributions are valued. Consider this one more method for establishing trust between company and client.
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