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Giving marketing a bad name: Hertz NeverLost®

business to business marketing Australia

While traveling through Europe with my family, we decided to hire a car to explore Spain and Italy. It sounded idyllic, despite xenephobic stories of terrible driving and mental images of getting stuck on tiny back streets sandwiched between heritage-listed walls, cobbled roads and thousand-year-old cottages. But to make sure it was as relaxing as possible, we […]

What’s wrong with the Gruen Planet?

the pitch

I’m being controversial, I think Gruen Planet and it’s predecessor, Gruen Transfer are excellent programs that have helped raise the profile of advertising and marketing to the Australian public. However, raising any profile has it’s risks and Gruen Planet has done a disservice to the very industry it celebrates through it’s segment The Pitch.

When Advertising Works

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One of my favourite ever advertisements from an unlikely source: Victorian Worksafe. Why do I like it? It’s never going to win awards for it’s soundtrack or cinematography, but I think the intention of the message is spot on. The TAC have been using different forms of shock-tactics to get their message across with gruesome […]

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