Five New Lead Generation Marketing Examples

Lead Generation Marketing

Organisations of all scales and sizes need to generate leads to grow and incur profits. However, before a business designs a lead generation and conversion strategy, it must understand its target audience and their specific requirements. This post will throw light on the importance of lead generation campaigns and lead generation marketing aside to sharing examples that can help […]

Thinking creatively for business Marketing Companies Melbourne

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In order to constantly succeed, expand and register higher revenue figures, businesses need to think and act creatively. In the absence of creative thinking, businesses of all scales and sizes will cease to exist and grow as an organization. Read on to find out what marketing companies Melbourne-wide need to do stand apart from the […]

What Makes An Effective Value Proposition: a marketing companies Melbourne perspective

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The key to generating and converting leads is to offer effective value proposition to your prospects. In fact marketing companies Melbourne-wide must understand that value proposition is one of the major aspects for determining whether visitors will care to read more regarding their products or services or simply go to another site. If your company […]

Lead Nurturing Is Better Than Lead Generation Marketing

lead generation marketing

Whether you are a small or large organisation, lead nurturing is the very basis of all your lead generation marketing related programs and activities. Businesses need to generate leads to ensure that profits continue to flow as always. However, it is always better to nurture your existing leads than to constantly focus lead generation campaigns. […]

5 Great Lead Generation Marketing Ideas

5 Lead Generation Marketing Ideas

1. Lead Generation Marketing: Business partnerships for mutual benefit. Whether you know a lot about your ideal customers, or have a good idea about where to find them, this lead generation marketing tactic can be a great way to acquire new customers. Find a business that has similar customers, but doesn’t compete with you and […]

Active versus passive b2b marketing

B2B marketing: active versus passive marketing

For most people, B2B Marketing Consultants spend most of their time coming up with creative TV adverts, building websites and talking (over long lunches) about “brand”. Thanks to programs like Mad Men and the Gruen Transfer this reputation is further enhanced. But in reality, this is a distorted and potentially damaging view on what marketing […]

Thinking Strategic Thinking


A methodology I use for strategic thinking is based on customer-centric thinking. As I see it, customer is the only reason any organisation can exist and flourish. No organisation can exist without someone accessing their products or services. Sure without a product or service you have nothing to sell. But if you have customers, you can find products or services that they will purchase; the opposite is not true.