B2B Content Marketing that Cuts Through the Noise

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“The Future of Marketing is Content Marketing” The way people consume media has changed. A huge increase in digital consumption has resulted in a B2B content marketing revolution, with an incredible 93%of marketers incorporating this strategy as part of their overall marketing efforts [Australian Content Marketing Research, King Content 2014]. With such great emphasis placed […]

Shortening the B2B Marketing/Sales Funnel

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Moving customers through the B2B marketing/sales funnel can be a lengthy process, with 80% of sales made between the 5th and 12th contact [National Sales Executive Association]. Prospects constantly evaluate and reevaluate products and brands on their ‘Buyer Journey’ until purchase, and the process can be drawn-out as prospects simply don’t see the value to act. Marketers […]

Marketing Automation Breakdown For B2B Marketing

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Marketing automation is increasingly becoming mandatory for most businesses. At one point in time, CRM or customer relationship management was cutting edge technology. In business marketing, there was a time when lifecycle marketing was in its nascent phase and companies wondered if it would be of any positive impact on their ledgers. As time has […]

Smarketing: Getting Sales & Marketing on the Same Team

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Sales and Marketing divisions typically work toward the same end goal: revenue. When they work together effectively, ROI, sales, productivity and top-line growth can also improve. Yet a recent study by Forrester Research found only 8% of B2B organisations have a tight alignment between these functions [B2B Sales And Marketing Alignment Starts With The Customer […]

Number One Strategy For B2B Marketing: Keep Working On Your Leads

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Business marketing is a never-ending endeavor. Marketing is the facilitator of growth but at the foundational level it is also the sustainer. Without effective B2B marketing strategies, a company would lack viability and profitability. The primary focus or objective of any B2B marketing campaign is to generate leads. But unfortunately, not all leads are potential […]

The First Steps Of B2B Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation has become a quintessential requirement for most businesses. To take advantage of the benefits of lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead management to increase conversions, you need some form of systematic approach. However, it is easier to go wrong with B2B marketing automation than getting it right. Every company should consider the ideal time […]

The Three Most Important Questions In B2B Marketing

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B2B marketing (Business to business) is completely different from B2C (Business to consumer). That distinction is not made by all companies and if that is the case, then succeeding in B2B marketing becomes all the more difficult. A company must understand that B2B marketing is a different ballgame and one is not just dealing with […]

3 Proven B2B Marketing Methods To Acquire New Business

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Business to business or B2B marketing is vital when you sell to businesses and not just consumers. There are far fewer businesses than there are consumers who might purchase your product or service, and of course other businesses in your same industry are going to work hard to make potential customers their own. While B2B […]

Four Reasons You’re B2B Marketing Leads Are Failing

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Owning a business that excels in B2B marketing is far from easy, and it’s difficulty arises when you try to profit from such ventures. While you might think your website is doing fine for the B2B marketing pursuits, this could be very far from the truth, as you could be losing out on many opportunities […]