Lead Nurturing Is Better Than Lead Generation Marketing

lead generation marketing

Whether you are a small or large organisation, lead nurturing is the very basis of all your lead generation marketing related programs and activities. Businesses need to generate leads to ensure that profits continue to flow as always. However, it is always better to nurture your existing leads than to constantly focus lead generation campaigns. […]

Active versus passive b2b marketing

B2B marketing: active versus passive marketing

For most people, B2B Marketing Consultants spend most of their time coming up with creative TV adverts, building websites and talking (over long lunches) about “brand”. Thanks to programs like Mad Men and the Gruen Transfer this reputation is further enhanced. But in reality, this is a distorted and potentially damaging view on what marketing […]

Thinking Strategic Thinking


A methodology I use for strategic thinking is based on customer-centric thinking. As I see it, customer is the only reason any organisation can exist and flourish. No organisation can exist without someone accessing their products or services. Sure without a product or service you have nothing to sell. But if you have customers, you can find products or services that they will purchase; the opposite is not true.

Data is king

big data

I have an economics degree.

I still can’t tell you exactly why I ended up with an economics degree, but there it is.

Through my meandering career in design, promotions, events and advertising it’s always seemed to stand out like a sore thumb. But in marketing, I’ve come to realise the power of some elements of marketing. And the most important is in data.

Giving marketing a bad name: Hertz NeverLost®

business to business marketing Australia

While traveling through Europe with my family, we decided to hire a car to explore Spain and Italy. It sounded idyllic, despite xenephobic stories of terrible driving and mental images of getting stuck on tiny back streets sandwiched between heritage-listed walls, cobbled roads and thousand-year-old cottages. But to make sure it was as relaxing as possible, we […]

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