Marketing Automation Strategies For Successful Lead Conversion

Marketing Automation

The term “Marketing Automation” has become a buzz-word, with many marketers under the impression that all digital marketing tools, including those specific to lead generation and overall growth, fall under the category of Marketing Automation. This misconception often leads to unsuccessful automated marketing efforts that do not speak to specific prospect needs and challenges. It […]

Search Engine Optimisation in 2015

Search Engine Optimisation

Organic search is not only the largest driver of website traffic but also the greatest driver of revenue in most sectors [BrightEdge data (2014)]. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that Search Engine Optimisation has become one of the primary tasks of today’s tech-savvy marketing teams. Investing a bit of time and effort into […]

The Rise of Emojis in Email Marketing: Can B2B Marketers Benefit?

Emoji Marketing

One of the greatest challenges faced by marketers today is getting audiences to read your emails! It is increasingly difficult to standout in an email inbox when every email received looks the same, and even if you get your reader to open your email, you have less than 8 seconds to capture their attention [The […]

What Is A Meta Description and Why Should I Care?


Google announced back in 2009, that Meta Descriptions do not have an impact on the Search Engine Optimisation ranking of a website.  As a result, the Meta Description has been long overlooked by digital marketers and website owners who typically devote their time to more well documented SEO initiatives. However, populating the Meta Descriptions for […]

A Marketers Guide To The Google-Twitter Partnership:

Google-Twitter Partnership

Speculation has been brewing among marketers lately over the recent deal struck between Twitter and Google and what this could mean for the digital media landscape as a whole. The companies have reached an agreement that gives Google full access to Twitter’s “firehouse” stream, enabling Google to display tweets in search results as soon as […]

Small Business Marketing: A Beginners’ Guide

Small Business Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of business today, no matter what size. Large corporations spend millions on marketing initiatives and employees who create multi-national campaigns that generate lots of buzz while small businesses try to attract a smaller group of customers that are particularly relevant to their niche. The main thing that sets small business […]

Is Your B2B Social Media Management Above The Industry Benchmark?

Social Media Management

93% of marketers use social media for their business. [Buffer, 2013]. There are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on earth and with 40% of people spend more time socialising on social media than they do face-to-face [RocketPost, 2014] the digital realm is becoming a marketers home away from home. Good Social […]

Infographic: The Pros & Cons of Outsourcing B2B Content Marketing

Outsourcing Pros and Cons

In an environment where content is key, the pressure is on for brands to deliver. Getting your B2B content marketing strategy right can lead to increased brand awareness, improved lead generation and general sales success. However, getting it wrong can drain your company’s time and resources, and even damage your brand’s reputation. B2B companies are […]

What Is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of those terms that gets thrown around in the business world without much further explanation. It relates back to all other aspects of marketing it seems, with SEO, ROI, lead generation and many more essential components of success often linked directly to content. Everyone knows it’s important but… what is content […]

How Small Businesses Can Attract More Customers For Free

google my business

The way people search for businesses, products and services has dramatically changed over the past few years. Advertising in the Yellow Pages used to be the primary way of reaching customers, and almost every business was listed in the directory. However, in today’s marketplace, the Internet and more specifically Google, have replaced the Yellow Pages […]