Social media can be a powerful B2B marketing tool. By maintaining the right image online, you can instil confidence in your business, discover more about your stakeholders and position yourself better in your market. So, after doing our research, we’ve decided to share with you our top six B2B social media strategies to benefit your business.


  1. Show off your employees


Your employees are important to you. After all, they are what keeps the cogs of your business turning. So why not share the love?

Introduce your online audience to your employers. This can be as simple as a few regular posts with photos featuring your employees. As an example, ask them to share a little about what they do, what they love and what inspires them when they come to work.

Not only does this humanise your business, but it demonstrates the value your employees have within the organisation. This is one of our top B2B business social media strategies.


  1. Research your competition

research competition

B2B social media isn’t just about putting your brand out there, it can be a powerful research tool as well.

Find your competitors online and start monitoring their social media channels. Using social media monitoring tools like Salesforce can reveal useful information to help optimise your posts.

Look at what types of posts yield the highest engagement – factors might include post length, hashtags, and sharing times. Take their successes and failures and use them to your advantage.


  1. Find out more about your customers

Find out more about customers

In marketing and communications, it’s important to know your audience. Use social media to paint a picture of your ideal customers by creating Buyer Personas.

You can build a Buyer Persona by simply opening up a spreadsheet and starting a sample database of social media users. By each user add their age, gender, position, industry and other relevant information.

In the process of researching your customers, you might also uncover some feedback that can strengthen your business. Inevitably this kind of activity can only help you understand your customers better!


  1. Invest in your B2B social media content

Invest in your B2B social media content

Another of our key B2B social media strategies is investing in your content.

As social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become more commercialised, organic posts have increasingly less reach. If you want to be heard you need to be willing to allocate money to boost your top performing posts.

Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram gets more sophisticated with each year. Not only can you boost posts, but you can target specific markets and locations with increasing accuracy.

Relate it back to the bottom line and find out how much is the right amount for your business to invest.


  1. Optimise your call to actions

Optimise your Call to Actions

A strong call to action (CTA) is the key to generating higher CTRs. Social media scientist and author, Dan Zarrella, conducted research on Twitter in 2012 and discovered that adverbs and verbs make more impact than nouns or adjectives.

This is backed up by several content writers from the last few decades, from author Marina Calderone to educator and speaker Patti Digh.

In order to optimise your engagement, avoid posting weak CTAs with passive verbs. After all, it’s doubtful Nike would have gotten far with a slogan like, “Make sure it gets done.”


  1. Join a group or start one

Join a group or start one

Groups and communities on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn provide an excellent opportunity to reach users interested in your industry.

Answering questions and posting useful content on these pages is great for networking and building a reputation. You are an expert it in your field so why not share some of that knowledge – you never know what kind of friends you might make!


Try these tactics out for yourself and let us know what worked (and what didn’t work) for you. We love to hear from you.

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