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The way B2B managers make purchase decisions is changing, with more than 59% stating that they use their smartphones to gather information on products and services during their buyer journey (eMarketer, 2012). As a result, B2B marketers are starting to concentrate more of their efforts on mobile marketing.

B2B News Network recently reported that B2B marketers are allocating a greater percentage of their budgets to mobile marketing in order to capture this growing segment. Ensure you’re brand isn’t left behind with our B2B mobile marketing tips.

Mobile Friendly Design

The B2B sales cycle is typically long and research-intensive, so it’s imperative to offer customers a simple, seamless way to access your company’s information. A mobile friendly website is a must-have in today’s business environment.

When designing your mobile friendly website, keep in mind that mobile users are extremely directed when they search and have little time or patience for complicated sites. Make sure your website isn’t complex, slow to load or out-dated and it’s easy to navigate on any device.

Mobile Friendly Content

The same mobile friendly approach applies to every piece of B2B digital marketing collateral that you send out. Ensure all company blogs, infographics and advertisements are mobile friendly, and pay particular attention to your company emails. December 2013 saw mobile cross the majority threshold for email opens, with 51% of opens occurring on a mobile device, which indicates how important it is that your marketing emails are mobile-friendly.

Consider using mobile marketing to drive traffic with unique video content. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently stated that mobile users are extremely interested in video content, with video accounting for 50% of all mobile data. This provides the ideal opportunity for marketers to reach their audience on the move with compelling and engaging content.

Differentiate Between Devices

2015 consumers are typically digital omnivores, meaning they not only own multiple electronic devices, but often consume information from several of these devices at one time. It is therefore necessary for today’s B2B marketer to know exactly what their prospects and clients are using each device for in order to give their customer the content that they want, through the most appropriate medium.

Use Location Information

The most valuable consumer data that we can gather from a mobile device is to know where users are in real-time. This provides a unique opportunity for B2B marketers to send more relevant messages dependent on their prospect’s location. In 2014, brands that contributed location data to their ads noticed a 20% increase in conversion rates (B2B News Network). Ensure you have the tools in place to analyse this data so that you are best positioned to provide content that converts.

It is predicted that by 2020 more than 6 billion smartphones will be in use worldwide so catching prospects on the move is becoming an increasingly important element of B2B marketing, don’t let your brand lag behind.


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