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Creating a content lead magnet to deliver leads beyond expectation

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Growing Siemens’ ANZ top-tier leads through content-led lead generation

Siemens is well-known as a global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics across a diverse range of sectors. It offers comprehensive and integrated solutions designed to help companies improve sustainability, efficiency, and productivity. 

When expanding its food and beverage presence in Australia, Siemens needed local support to develop a streamlined, targeted effort to reach the right prospects, secure them as leads, and funnel them into nurturing channels. 

It was The Lead Agency they called on for this growth campaign. 


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Reenvisioning content for the ANZ market

You only become an international powerhouse with a company culture of precision, leaving no gaps for wasted effort. At The Lead Agency, we emphatically agree. 

The task was to support Siemens in their expansion, growing their software solutions offering to the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market for food and beverage. 

Siemens’ global marketing had a number of resources and assets that we were initially given to build awareness and consideration from demand generation and lead generation. 

However, while these worked well in different markets, they were not as successful in Australia. In particular, the content was not locally specific or relevant to the Australian market.

We had to create a brand new approach. 

Creative content meets laser-focused lead generation

Our primary aim was to identify the top 100 companies that conducted R&D or engineered new products locally. From there, we sought to develop an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign to target those key prospects.

As part of the lead generation campaign, we partnered with local associations and key stakeholders to create a national F&B survey for market requirements and developments.

The aim was to engage an ABM approach to complete leads from relevant contacts through an in-depth survey and then complete the survey data into a national report.

Using the initial demand generation research, we used different digital (earned and paid) channels to approach prospects to complete the survey. From the survey data, we then invited participants and contacts to receive the report and attend a series of webinars on the findings.

The most effective content campaign in ANZ

The goal when starting this campaign was to identify their top 100 companies and, from them, turn 500 relevant contacts into leads.

Our State of the Market Survey proved to be Siemens’s most successful campaign and content asset for expanding into the ANZ market. It outperformed all other campaigns combined by 765% for qualified leads generated. The initial campaigns, using Siemens global resources, generated:

  • 63 top companies
  • 126 contacts.

From our State of the Market survey, we secured: 

  • 98 top companies
  • 964 contacts. 

Of those, 323 contacts were verified as sales-qualified leads (SQLs). 

Embrace content to boost leads

Content marketing is more than blogs and social media posts. Lead magnet assets like the State of the Market Survey are a potent business growth strategy to generate relevant, qualified leads. 

The Lead Agency specialises in B2B content marketing, from your day-to-day SEO essential articles to your secret weapon lead generation assets. 

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