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NBS is a global platform providing integrated construction information for design, supply, and construction professionals. They offer tools like NBS Chorus for cloud-based specification writing and NBS Source for product information. Their services enhance efficiency and accuracy in construction projects by linking specifications to building models and providing comprehensive product data.

When NBS came to our team, they were running Google Ads campaigns through another agency, but the results were unsatisfactory. While the agency delivered conversions on paper, the leads were of poor quality and unsuitable for B2B needs. 

They needed a more effective approach and turned to The Lead Agency to enhance their Google Ads strategy and generate higher-quality leads that aligned with their business objectives.

Revamping NBS’s Google Ads for better lead quality

When engaging with NBS, our initial task was to deeply understand their business and the intricacies of their industry. From this in-depth inquiry, we revisited their keyword strategy and audience targeting to align better with the buyer journey and purchase intent. Our primary goal was to focus on high-converting keywords and core audience segments that would yield better-quality leads. This involved:

  • Shifting focus to lower-volume, high-converting keywords with higher purchase intent
  • Building a lead nurturing keyword strategy
  • Targeting buyer personas, including segmented audiences, and leveraging Google “lookalike” data to complement our keyword and affinity strategies.

Executing a high-performance Google Ads strategy

The execution phase involved detailed and systematic steps to implement our refined strategy, specifically via:

Google Search Ads

  • Single Keyword Advertising Group (SKAG) Strategy: Implemented to achieve higher performance by creating highly relevant ads that directly address the search intent of potential leads. This increases the likelihood of generating high-quality conversions.
  • Hyper-Specific Ad Copy: Crafted ad copy tailored to intent-based keywords and targeted audiences, making the ads more engaging and effective in attracting the right leads.
  • Continuous Review and Testing: Regularly reviewed and tested ad copy for increased relevance and performance, maintaining high ad performance and adapting to changing market conditions.

Google Display Ads

  • Optimised Advertising: Refined targeting and presentation to ensure ads reach the most relevant audience, improving engagement and lead quality.
  • 360º Conversion-Focused Bidding: Adopted a comprehensive bidding approach to maximise conversions while maintaining cost efficiency, which is crucial for achieving a higher ROI.
  • Ad Copy and Creative Testing: Regularly reviewed and tested ad copy and creative messages for increased relevance, maintaining high engagement with the target audience.
  • Audience Targeting: Continuously reviewed audience targeting, focusing on multi-segmented affinity groups and lookalike audiences, ensuring Display Ads reach individuals most likely to convert.

Exceptional lead quality and engagement

Our strategic approach delivered outstanding results for NBS that increased the performance of Google Search and Display Ads and generated fewer but higher quality leads—saving on wasted advertising spend.

At the end of our campaign, we had implemented and achieved the following: 

  • Rotated Display Ads: We increased CTR for the campaign by rotating Display Ads.
  • Audience Optimisation: We paused audiences with lower CTR and identified additional relevant audiences.
  • Lead Magnet: We introduced a whitepaper download as a lead magnet, and A/B tested it as a lead generation tool.
  • Enhanced Lead Quality: The lead magnet allowed us to capture prospects at earlier stages of the buyer journey.
  • Traffic and Conversion: Our efforts made Google Ads account for 17.6% of website traffic, with a conversion rate for paid ads, including display ads, at 0.14%.

Maximise your marketing ROI

At The Lead Agency, we specialise in creating tailored digital marketing solutions that drive exceptional results. Our expertise in Google Search and Display Ads ensures your business achieves targeted reach, impactful engagement, and robust lead generation.

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