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Transforming a new practice area into a thriving business through targeted digital marketing

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Hentys Lawyers is a well-established law firm specialising in various legal services. Recently, they ventured into a new area of law, seeking to build a practice that offers tailored legal solutions to a specific clientele. Known for their expertise and client-focused approach, Hentys was determined to establish a strong presence in this new practice area and achieve sustainable growth.

When Hentys Lawyers initially launched their new practice area, they employed a combination of inbound and outbound advertising strategies to generate leads. Despite their efforts, the results were unsatisfactory. The firm needed a more effective marketing approach to convert leads and grow their new practice. 

They turned to The Lead Agency to devise a digital marketing strategy that could deliver consistent and high-quality leads.

Crafting a highly targeted digital marketing plan

Upon reviewing the market, we identified that inbound marketing would be the most effective approach for Hentys Lawyers’ new practice area. We streamlined their advertising efforts by focusing solely on Google Ads and using the insights gained to develop a comprehensive digital marketing acquisition plan.

Optimising Google Ads for immediate impact

Our initial focus was on Google Ads, where we:

  • Determined a range of relevant keywords
  • Optimised campaigns for long-tail keywords with lower bid costs and higher conversion rates
  • Utilised competitor data to enhance our strategy.

Leveraging SEO for long-term success

As the Google Ads campaigns provided valuable data, we began integrating these insights into our SEO efforts. We:

  • Targeted high-performing and costly keywords from Google Ads for SEO
  • Rebuilt the Hentys Lawyers website to be SEO-friendly and CRO-focused.

Exploring the possibilities of social media marketing

After achieving substantial success with SEO, we expanded our efforts to include social media marketing (SMM):

  • Developed Facebook content and advertising strategies to increase qualified leads
  • Found that while social media increased lead volume, it also led to more complex and less profitable inquiries
  • Upon thorough examination, we advised Hentys Lawyers to discontinue social media marketing to avoid wasting time and money on less effective channels.

Continuous improvements and focus on lead quality

Over three years, our focus shifted to improving lead quality and simplifying the sales process:

  • Produced a range of videos and content marketing materials to qualify leads better.

Achieving exceptional results

Our strategic approach delivered outstanding results for Hentys Lawyers. We:

  • Doubled the number of new cases within four months of optimising Google Ads
  • Cut the Google Ads budget by 50% after six months due to successful SEO efforts
  • Achieved an ROI exceeding 300% within two years, allowing for a complete cessation of Google Ads
  • Expanded ROI to 387% over three years, focusing on lead quality through content marketing
  • Saw significant business growth of over 300% directly attributed to our marketing efforts
  • Established a strong and sustainable digital presence in their new practice area.

Secure your digital marketing distinction

At The Lead Agency, we specialise in creating tailored digital marketing solutions that drive exceptional results. Our expertise in strategy, SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing ensures that your business achieves targeted reach, impactful engagement, and robust lead generation.

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