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$76 million in direct sales opportunities with marketing automation

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Turning cold leads into a multi-million-dollar marketing automation outcome

BlueScope Distribution is a leading Australian steel distributor, providing a comprehensive range of steel and aluminium products and tailored supply chain and value-added solutions to diverse industries. Renowned for its expertise and commitment to quality, the company supports customers with innovation and flexibility in both domestic and international markets.

Well-established and exceedingly thorough in their marketing approach, BlueScope Distribution has led lead-generation campaigns for many years with excellent conversion success. The challenge was: what happens to the leads that didn’t convert?

To explore this, they came to The Lead Agency. 

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Giving life back to old, undervalued leads

While BlueScope Distribution saw great lead generation and conversion results, the data indicated that, after a campaign, around 20% of the leads would convert to sales-qualified leads (SQLs) and the rest of the data was not followed up.

Over the course of 5 years, BlueScope Distribution had more than 1,000 marketing qualified lead (MQL) prospects with a high potential purchase budget. But after failing to convert, many of these leads sat dormant. 

With a mighty sales team, BlueScope Distribution initially considered re-engaging with these prospects through their sales channel. However, understanding that B2B buyers can take a long time to convert, requiring various touchpoints to get over the line, we knew a marketing-led lead nurturing process could free up sales staff to focus on qualified leads while marketing automation could move the MQLs closer to the buying stage.

The strategic outcome was to develop a detailed lead nurturing program to remove the need for sales input until they were a highly qualified opportunity.

Turning data into insights and marketing automation engagement flows

Introducing a lead nurturing program necessitated a full investigation into the data of their dormant prospects. We sought insights and segmented the leads for communication channels, which allowed us to develop communications for seven different industry segments and challenges.

To maximise the results of BlueScope Distribution’s nurturing campaigns, we developed detailed buyer personas for the data. We profiled the prospects based on their needs and how their challenges could be overcome. Then, we collaborated in sales meetings to confirm we had the right audiences and to learn what would constitute a sales-qualified lead (SQL) for them.

Once this was done, we identified six different engagement flows, each with at least 12 communication steps. 

The only way to execute, measure, and optimise this effectively was to set up a detailed marketing automation system, an MA technology stack running parallel to the CRM.

Setting up multiple automations, rather than a few large and complicated automations, allowed for greater efficiency in measuring, testing and optimising the sub-automations.

Reactivating cold leads to generate more than $76 million in sales opportunities

BlueScope Distribution’s marketing automation program generated over $76 million in direct sales opportunities from quotes within the six-month program. 

This program’s success proved to be the business case necessary to go on to integrate a full marketing automation program and software into their existing CRM system.

Maximise your leads’ potential

In the B2B sector, prospects notoriously require multiple touchpoints before converting to a sale. Yet, most B2B businesses follow up leads just a few times before focussing energy on other activities. Most businesses are sitting on a list of great potential. 

The Lead Agency can turn those existing lists—or build new lists—into revenue potential through highly tailored and targeted marketing automation. 

Contact us today to discuss lead nurturing efforts that get results. 

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“We continue to find The Lead Agency to be conscientious, and willing to work with us to develop innovative marketing strategies to deliver more value for our customers.”

Peter Zafiris: Senior Marketing Manager, BlueScope Distribution

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