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Advent One is a leading IT services provider specialising in delivering innovative technology solutions to optimise business performance. As an IBM Premium Partner, Advent One offers expertise in cloud services, cybersecurity, data management, and IT infrastructure. Their commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that drive efficiency, enhance security, and support digital transformation.

Despite their strong reputation, Advent One faced challenges converting this into a consistent and sustainable lead generation funnel. Their existing sales and marketing processes needed better alignment to optimise efficiency and capitalise on opportunities. They sought a cohesive strategy to harmonise their sales and marketing efforts, enabling more effective lead generation and nurturing.

To formulate and implement this strategy, they came to The Lead Agency. 


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increase in
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Developing a comprehensive digital marketing solution

When Advent One engaged us, our primary goal was to create a structured and efficient lead generation and nurturing process. We started by leveraging Advent One’s access to IBM support and funds to develop content-based lead-generation activities. Digital channels were used to promote these activities and capture leads, ensuring optimal use of available resources and budget.

As we rolled out these actions, we built a detailed lead nurturing program with the additional content developed during the campaign’s execution. We introduced a marketing automation system to ensure continuity even during busy periods, preventing gaps when resources were stretched.

By analysing which channels and activities generated the best quality leads, we optimised and reduced marketing efforts in less productive areas such as social content, webinars, and pre-sales lead nurturing.

The result was an omnichannel marketing strategy that included an SEO-optimised website integrated with a detailed marketing automation system within HubSpot.

This strategy focused on funnelling leads into structured marketing automation funnels, ultimately delivering Sales Qualified Leads to the sales team. Additionally, we partnered with Advent One to provide a shared, dedicated marketing resource to execute campaigns, support the internal sales team, and efficiently use partner marketing budgets.

Executing the plan

Our engagement began by responding to specific lead-generation campaigns, focusing on content development and events. We then directed their attention to following up on the leads generated through a series of lead nurturing email and social media campaigns. Excess content from campaigns was repurposed for ongoing lead nurturing processes.

With a focus on measurement and directing the business to the status of generated leads, we identified gaps in sales follow-up. Recognising the need for an internal resource, we secured funding through efficient partner fund use and acquisition.

We demonstrated tangible results to secure funding and motivate the sales teams, developing a holistic digital acquisition and lead nurturing technology stack. This stack included an enhanced website and a comprehensive marketing automation system, strongly focusing on nurturing leads as the most successful marketing activity.

Key steps included:

  • Lead Generation Campaigns: Developed and executed content-based lead generation activities.
  • Lead Nurturing Program: Built a detailed lead nurturing program with repurposed content.
  • Marketing Automation: Introduced a marketing automation system for continuity and efficiency.
  • Channel Optimisation: Analysed and optimised marketing efforts in less productive areas.
  • Dedicated Marketing Resource: Provided a shared resource to execute campaigns and support the sales team.
  • Measurement and Reporting: Emphasised measurement and reporting to improve lead follow-up and sales alignment.

Achieving powerful cut-through

Our efforts led to a significant increase in website traffic, which rose by 117% over 12 months.

More importantly, the number of qualified leads from digital sources (including website leads and lead nurturing downloaded assets) surged by 341% in the same period.

These results highlighted the effectiveness of our strategies and the value of a structured, comprehensive approach to digital marketing and lead nurturing.

Enhance your digital marketing efforts

At The Lead Agency, we specialise in designing and implementing highly effective B2B marketing solutions. We understand the unique challenges B2B companies face and tailor our strategies to meet those specific needs, ensuring targeted reach, impactful engagement, and lead generation results.

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“Three months after launching the new site we were seeing a 400% increase in relevant traffic which is a testament to their understanding of what IT decision makers are looking for.”

Daniella Hunt, Marketing Manager – Advent One

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